Monday, February 28, 2011

Race Cars, Star Wars, and...Legos! (What Else?)

   This was a busy weekend for us!  Starting Thursday night with the construction project that was going on in the kitchen!  No, we're not remodeling, (thank goodness...I'm not sure my nerves could handle that!) Daddy and the Scout were working on his entry in his first ever pine-car derby.  The pine-car derby is an old Scouting tradition.  It is meant to encourage Scouts and their parent to work together and have fun completing a project together.  Notice I wrote "meant" to.  Maybe that's what will happen when our Scout is older.  What actually happened was Daddy using power tools in the kitchen, a large amount of sawdust, and the Scout got bored about halfway through and left.  Did I mention that all this was between 9 and 10 pm?  Needless to say, we put a hold on the project until the next day.

   Friday:  Mommy had to get her hair cut, so that was the plan for the day.  Now, we've found a great place that's really inexpensive to get our haircut, but there's a's an hour away.  So it usually is an all day thing when I get my hair cut.  We finally got home around 8 that night, because we also had to get a birthday present for the party we would be attending on Saturday.  Well, our derby entry was only half done, so the Scout got busy sanding and painting as soon as we got home.  Thankfully, he was more interested in this part of it!  With the car painted, we headed off to bed. 

   Saturday:  We got up bright and early to eat breakfast and get to the derby which started at 9.  However, Daddy decided the car wasn't quite finished, so he spent all his time adding weight and lubricating the axles.  We left the house at 9 (!!), and I was very grateful the location for the derby was only five minutes away!  We arrived, got our car checked, and got ready for the race!  There were a lot of great cars, and I think the Scouts had fun.  There were a few tears, but all in all everyone had a good time.  Our Scout won "Most Realistic" with his car.  (I think it was because his was the only one with windows painted on it!)  Then it was off to the birthday party!

   Thankfully, the party was for the youngest son of our neighbors, who is also a Scout, so we didn't have to worry about being late...I reminded the Scout leader that his son's party was starting, umm, right now!  We piled in the cars and headed off to the party.  Well, my boys disappeared immediately upon arrival, because they knew the wonders that awaited them...this is the Lego house!  I have to admit, I was impressed!  I have never seen so many Lego outside of the Lego store.  Unfortunately, the Scout master's Lego creations that I have blogged about earlier weren't on-site.  He said he keeps them at work, (surprise, surprise!) so they won't be damaged.  He did let us take a peek into his Lego "store" though.  He's part of an online store that he sells Legos on.  After he told me how much some of them go for, I decided that the Fearless Leader needs to give up his computer hobby, and go for this instead!  (Up to 14 dollars for one Lego figure!!)  Plus, it's way more fun!  :)

   After some yummy lunch, and a really cute R2-D2 cake, the boys headed outside for a while to play Star Wars with their light sabers and space blasters.  It's so great when you have things in common with your neighbors!  :)   We had to drag them home for a nap, and then we broke out our own Legos for a while.  We built a fire-fighting boat, and watched some TV.  (Multi-tasking!)  Then it was time for supper, baths, and bed!  Everyone was more than ready after a long day! 

   Sunday:  Even though our Sundays are always full, this one seemed almost relaxing after the previous days of busy-ness!  It was nice to sit under preaching and teaching for a while.  Emphasis on sit...  Then home for supper, and more Legos, and then bed.  We have to be ready for a brand new week! 

   So, that was our was your's?  Hope you had a great one too, and that you're ready for a blessed week!  :) 

   Our entry is the red one with a windshield fourth from the left.

   Here are some other entries in the Pack 247 Pine-car Derby 2011!  :)

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