Monday, February 21, 2011

The Blessing of "Boring"

   Lately I've been thinking how great it is that for the most part, our life is boring.  We pretty much have the same stuff going on at around the same time every week.  I have always been thankful for "boring".  Not just because it is helpful for me (and my OCD!), but because I can see God's blessings in "boring".

   This may not make a lot of sense.  I had to explain what I meant when I was talking this concept over with the hubby.  It's not the fact that I have no desire for excitement, or spontaneity, I mean, come on, I have three boys...excitement and spontaneity are always going to be a part of this household!!  However, I am simply thankful that we are, for the most part, drama-free in our house.

   I have heard and read recently of families, just like ours, who have lost children through illnesses or accidents.  Every time I do, I stop and say a prayer of thankfulness to God for the health and safety He has given us through the birth and early years of three boys.  None of our boys has ever had to take a trip to the emergency room.  We've never had to have them in the hospital, or taken them on visit after visit to the doctor's office.  God has so blessed us in this area!  Even times when things could have gone very wrong, His hand of protection was there for us.  I am thankful that our life is "boring" in this area!

   I am thankful that our life is fairly boring when it comes to our extended family also.  I haven't had to comfort our boys through the death of someone they were close to, or explain to them why a cousin's mommy or daddy wasn't living with them anymore.  We did have some scary months early on last year when my dad was fighting his battle with lymphoma, but God was there through it all and he is enjoying his health once again.  The boys, especially the older two, were really able to see God at work in a very real way.  There are not a lot of family "issues" that we are constantly having to deal with, and I see God's hand in this area too.

   I know that many times, God is working in and through our lives when we go through times that aren't so "boring."  Those times are important for our testimony and the closeness of our walk with Christ.  But sometimes I think we forget to be grateful for the times that are "boring" in our life, and we forget what a blessing from God they can be for us!   So, if you find yourself having a day where not much goes on, and it leads to a fairly uneventful week, be grateful!  Remember that God is the Author of all our times and seasons, and be thankful that He has given you a time of "boring!"  If you're going through some "exciting" times now, hold on to the promise that God knows the plans he has for you, and He is working in your life to make you more like Him (Jeremiah 29:11).  Keep your eyes on the Saviour, and be glad for "boring!"  :)

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  1. I'm thankful for boring too! Beautifully written, Jen, and great reminders - especially for me today!