Tuesday, August 23, 2011

School Days!

     Okay, we are well on our way in this school year!  I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to teach this year, and for the opportunity to serve the Lord in a new way!  It is so exciting to see Him working in the ministry here, and in our family!

     Practicing the schedule last week has really come in handy for this first "real" week of the school year.  I am sooo glad we worked hard and didn't quit half-way through!  The boys have been able to get up and get going pretty well, and they are even cheerful about it!  (Mommy takes a little while to wake up by herself, so by the time I have to interact with anyone, I can be cheerful too!)  Stitch is having a little difficulty adjusting to Mommy and brothers being gone, but he did better today, so I think by the end of the week, he'll be great!  It helps that he can put on his back-pack and head out the door with the rest of us.  Also, Middle Biscuit's K5 teacher has been so gracious in allowing Stitch to come in her classroom and spend a little while in the morning time, while we are waiting on our Mimi to pick him up!  A blessing of living next door is that he can also join us for lunch, which makes him feel like a "big boy!"  

     It is exciting to be able to have the chance to learn the personalities of all our students this year.  We have some great kiddos in our school family, and I'm sure you will be reading some anecdotes throughout the year from all the funny stuff the kids say and do!  (With the names changed to protect the "innocent", of course!)  Like today, one of our kindergarten students was showing some concern with his food during lunch time.  Mrs. P (our principal) went over to see what his issue was.  He looked up at her and said, with some frustration, "There were supposed to be meatballs in this ravioli!  I guess they were so small I didn't even notice them!"  He was so serious, and somewhat offended...I think if he was a little older, he would have asked for a refund! 

     Home life is going well so far too...I'm not feeling overwhelmed yet.  Although, it is only day two of the school year...maybe I'm being too optimistic?  There may be a post one day where I've completely lost it and can only ramble on incoherently as to why I thought this would be a good idea in the first place.  But for now, it's going well (actually better than I expected!) which makes me feel extra confident.  I know I am only doing this with the Lord's help though, so I'm taking extra moments here and there to say a quick "thank You" prayer.  Thanks to all the readers who've been praying too...couldn't do it without those either!  

     So, that about wraps it up for this post...I hope all of your school years are starting off well too!  Don't forget to look for those "Lego" moments in all the insanity that is our life!  :)

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Drumroll Please...The New Schedule Is Here!

     Okay, as you probably already know, (if you've read my blog for any length of time) I have a thing for scheduling.  Having a schedule makes me feel at least somewhat on top of the insanity that is life.  I work on retaining a spirit of flexibility within the schedule, because I realize that if I don't, I may be neglecting opportunities that God has placed in my path for ministry that day.  (Another of my "mom" blogs I read helped me see this more clearly.  She wrote about the importance of not letting our busy schedules as SAHMs squelch the opportunity to be a blessing to someone God put in our path.)  

     Well, I spent yesterday (between loads of laundry) working on my new schedule for this school year.  Since I will be a "working" mom (I've always held the opinion that any mom is a working mom!) this school year, the schedule is a little more full than it has been previously.  Then, when you factor in extra-curricular activities such as Scouts and church, things get even more exciting!  (Read: crazy!)  Having a general idea of what is supposed to be happening when is the only way to keep from playing catch-up all the time.  

     The day is structured pretty similarly to start with.  I set my wake-up time to be earlier than the boys, so I have time for personal devotions, a quick work-out, and a shower.  Then I get breakfast started before they are fully up.  Then we all sit down to breakfast together, and we have also decided that we are going to start learning a family memory verse on a weekly basis at this time.  Then it's off to get ready and leave for school.  

     When we get home, it's time to get changed and have a snack.  Then I have scheduled to do my "mommy" chores (laundry, cleaning, etc.) while the boys work on any homework, their devotion books, and piano practice.  They will have the opportunity to take "official" piano lessons at school this year, so we will have to work in that practice time!  I have allotted about an hour and 45 minutes to get done with what I can as far as the housework goes.  I know that some days will be better than others in this respect...sometimes I'll get it done, and sometimes I won't.  I am trying to be okay about this...

     Then it's time for cooking and eating supper.  After supper, the boys and I will clean the kitchen and make lunches for the next day.  This will be our biggest time-saver in the morning.  Then the boys will be responsible for packing their own back-packs for the next day and getting their pajamas on.  After baths and teeth-brushing, it will be time for family devotions and bed.  I have stressed the importance of a hard and fast 8:30 bedtime.  Sleep is critical for healthy kiddos!  With the exposure to all the new germs of school, I really want them to be well-rested and able to fight off illness.  Not to mention the crankiness!  

     Then it's "mommy & daddy" time for about an hour.  We have plans to keep a decent bedtime too...with all we have going on, we can't afford to be ill either!  So, it's bed at 10 for us!  (I remember when I was younger, I thought that being a grown-up meant you could stay up as late as you want...haha!)  

     Well, that's the basic plan so far.  Does anyone have any suggestions or lessons you've learned in your own scheduling?  Leave a comment here or on FB for me!  I figure it will need to be tweaked here and there, but we'll be able to make those adjustments as we go along.  This week is the "practice run."  It's working pretty well so far...we haven't had any major meltdowns yet.  Oh, did you think I was talking about the kids...I meant from me!  :)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Wounds and Weddings!

    This past week has been an adventurous one for us!  (It seems like I've been saying that a lot lately...sigh...)  It didn't start out very busy; I was settling back into our routine after the moving out of the parents.  I had two days of relative calm, and then it was back to insanity!

     Wednesday started out normally enough...Hubby was home, and planning to work at the school & church, I had planned a fairly easy day of cleaning the church and doing a little work at the school before preparing for Wednesday evening service.  Little did we realize the impending danger...

    As we were conversing in our room and discussing the plan for the day, Stitch was playing on our bed, jumping and throwing himself around.  I opened my mouth to tell him to calm it down a little, but before I could get the words out, he had flung himself backwards into the headboard shelf of our bed.  I knew by the look on Hubby's face that it was not going to be pretty...and it wasn't.  Stitch had cut a gash in the back of his head that was bleeding profusely...and we couldn't even tell how bad it was at that point, because of his hair.  So, I held and calmed him while Daddy got out the clippers and carefully shaved a spot in the hair (!!) so we could assess the damage.  When we could see the wound, we decided that something that would be hidden by his hair wasn't worth the trauma of stitches, so we butterfly-bandaged it and hoped for the best.  Thankfully, it is healing well, and I think scarring will be minimal.  Like his aunt said, "It gives new meaning to the nickname 'Stitch'!"  
      Our next big event that week was the wedding that Middle Biscuit was in.  As it was two hours away, we felt that it would be more prudent to get a hotel room on Friday and just stay overnight, rather than drive up and back for the rehearsal and the wedding.  So Friday morning I packed up the kiddos and we met Daddy on the road and headed north for the festivities.  The boys were excited about the swimming pool that was just their size at the hotel, so we suited up for a quick dip before heading out to the rehearsal. 

     After much rehearsing we went up to the dinner for all those in the wedding party.  The ladies in charge had decorated beautifully with an Italian bistro theme.  It was by far the fanciest thing Middle Biscuit had ever participated in, and I was a little nervous as to how he would juggle the "grown-up" cups, and all that sitting still.  But he did so great, and I was very impressed with his "grown-up-ness!"  

    The next day was the big event...and it went perfectly!  The bride and groom had put together a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony, and all the attendants (both big and little) did their jobs perfectly.  Middle Biscuit was as handsome as he could be in his little brown suit, and he did so great when it was his moment to shine!  I took lots of pics, but promised the bride that I wouldn't post them until they got back from the honeymoon.  So, be on the look-out for them on my FB page when I get the go ahead! 

     Well, that about wraps up last week.  Hopefully, this week will be less eventful...but I'm not holding my breath!  :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Catching Up

     So much time has gone past since my last post that I hardly know where to begin!  I'm sure some of you thought I fell off the face of the earth, or perhaps perished tragically underneath an avalanche of stuff.  I'm still alive and well, and very thankful to have a lot of work behind me!  

     The biggest news is that the parents have officially moved out!  Now, I know that sounds like I couldn't wait to get rid of them, but that's not it.  Like I told them, "You guys can stay here as long as you want, it's your stuff I want to get rid of!"  Saturday was the official "move-in" day, and we all worked really hard to get them settled into their new place.  So far, everything is going great, and I spent today putting my house back together.  I have to admit...it feels GREAT!  The OCD voice in my head is finally quiet!  

     I have also been putting in some time at my new job the last few weeks.  Things for the school year are slowly coming together.  Middle Biscuit had a good time going to school for his kindergarten testing.  He was so excited to get dressed into his new clothes, put on his backpack, carry his snack in his new lunch box, and head out the door with Mommy!  I was doing an inventory today, and I think we have everything we need to start the school year!  The uniforms are ready, the school supplies are labeled and packed in the backpacks, and the boys are really looking forward to starting school in a couple of weeks.  Now, I just have to get myself ready...

     Oh, something else I've been working on lately (I guess I didn't think I had enough going on...) has been potty training Stitch.  I am glad to announce that after several weeks of hard work, he is trained!  Well, by our definition, which means that he is in "big-boy underwear" all day without accidents.  Naps and bedtime still mean a Pull-Up, but he has been waking up dry from both pretty consistently.  (I do it mostly for my own peace of mind, and because I don't want to have to wash the sheets if there's an accident!)  My mother is especially glad of this, as she is going to be keeping Stitch while I'm teaching, and she wasn't looking forward to changing diapers!  

     We also had Vacation Bible School last week at my Dad's other church.  (For those of you who don't know, he pastors two churches.)  A great time was had by all, and Stitch especially enjoyed it.  He was too little to remember the last one we had.  He asked me this morning if we were going back to "BBS", which is how he said VBS.  (This was a big improvement over his original interpretation, which left off the first, vital letter of the abbreviation!)  He won a prize in the drawing, which he was very proud to go up to the front and get.  First-Born won a prize too, a new fishing pole!  Needless to say, he was very excited!  

     Well, I think that about catches you up to what's been going on around here lately!  I am going to try to keep up with my posting now that things are settling down.  Ha, who am I kidding...we don't know the meaning of "settling down" around this place!  :)