Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Life Lessons from a Woman Who Lived Them

   Recently I was able to attend an annual ladies retreat.  At this retreat, one of the returning speakers is Mrs. Mina Olgesby.  She has a wonderful music ministry in addition to speaking at many conferences.

    I am always blessed by her topics and her sincerity as she speaks about what the Lord has laid on her heart.  In my last post, I told you that I would attempt to share some insights I received while I was at the annual ladies retreat this year.  I wanted to start with a session that Mrs. Mina shared which she titled "Life Lessons from a Woman Who Lived Them."  I don't think she would mind me sharing her points and the applications she made from Scripture with you.

     This lesson was all about the account in 2 Kings 4: 8-37.  This is the account of the prophet Elisha and his interactions with a great lady of the land of Shunem.  She is not named, but is commonly referred to as the Shunamite woman.  This woman went through many things in her life and yet remained faithful and humble in her walk with the Lord.  She can be an example to us today in many areas, and some of these ways are what Mrs. Mina brought out. 

    The first thing that is seen about the Shunamite lady is that she was more interest in giving than in getting.  We see this recorded in verses 8-10.  She freely invited God's man to partake of her hospitality, and even went so far as to approach her husband about having a special room built especially for Elisha's use when he passed through their area.  (The "original" prophet's chamber!)  When Elisha asked what he could do for her in return for this hospitality, she simply said, "I dwell among mine own people."  To me, this statement says that she had everything she needed, and she had no need for accolades of other men, or to have her kindnesses published abroad.  How many times do we perform services for others with a hidden desire for these deeds to be made known and made much over?  This lady realized that her reward for service was from the Lord, and that what she did here on this earth was seen by Him in Heaven, and that was enough for her. 

     Another thing that was brought out as a life lesson from this great lady is found in verse 9.  She was spiritually perceptive.  She recognized God's man, and saw God's holiness in him.  This is an important lesson for us, especially as women.  We need to be careful to be discerning about the things of spirituality in our lives.  Check what comes across your radar against Scripture--even if it is from a Christian source.  It is a dangerous practice to accept any and all teachings from a particular church or person without checking for Biblical accuracy.  Staying in the Scripture and having it a daily part of your life will help you grow in your spiritual perception, and false ideas will be more likely to sound false when filtered through a strong Scriptural filter. 

    There are several more things that were brought out in this lesson that I want to share with you.  Stay tuned... :)