Friday, February 18, 2011

See, Legos Are For Grown-ups Too!

   Okay, so in keeping with the theme of this blog, namely Legos and family, I got this really great email yesterday.  It was from our next-door neighbor, who also happens to be the first-born's Cub Scout leader.  We have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors better through Scouts, and we knew that they had several things in common with us.  They also have all boys (4!), and their boys enjoy Legos and Star Wars and several other things like our boys.  (The last snow day we had, all of the boys (theirs and ours) were running around outside with light-sabers and space shooters playing "Star Wars"!  They are also home-schoolers, and are the children's ministry leaders at their church.  Suffice it to say, I'm not sure where he came up with the time to do this, but I was really impressed!  Go on over and check out what he did, especially if you're familiar with the Birmingham area.  So awesome!  :)   


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  1. That is amazing! And to think you have such a Lego builder right next door when your boys love Legos so much! God is so neat! :)