Thursday, April 19, 2012

Family Fun Times!

     I can't believe it's only been a week since Easter!  So many things have happened to keep us busy over the last week that it feels more like a month!

     The Saturday before Easter, we took Grandpa & Grandma to the botanical gardens.  The weather was gorgeous, and the boys had a great time checking out the bee hives, the early roses, and the nesting Canada goose.  This has been one of my favorite places to take the boys since they were small for several reasons---it's FREE, there's lots of interesting things to see, and it always makes for some great photo ops:
Like this--

      Or how about this one:
Hubby and his mom at the gardens
    Here's a few fun ones:
Stitch chillin'!
Looking over the bridge and watching the fish swimming by.
Super-happy face!  :)

Mommy and Stitch under the gate to the Japanese gardens. 
     We also had a great time as a family celebrating our Saviour's Resurrection Day.  We don't really buy into all the hype about eggs, bunnies, and baskets, but we do like to dye eggs, and the boys always get a lot of candy and presents---usually from other people!  I have always tried to bring out the symbolic meaning of the eggs as a picture of how we can have new life because Jesus died and rose again.  Even the vinegar that is used to prepare the egg dye can help kids remember Jesus on the cross!  So, here's our finished product for this year:
 Hands and eggs with dye! 

     All the eggs together! 

      Last week, we also got to do something else we enjoy as a family.  We got to go to a baseball game!  It's the minor leagues, so there is usually a way to get tickets fairly inexpensively.  This time, we were able to get our whole family in for $5!  Plus, it was fifty-cent hot dog night, so we got to eat fairly inexpensively as well.  It's always pretty fun, and the boys usually enjoy it.  We had to cut the night short though, because it was a school night.  We decided to leave at the end of the fifth inning.  It was a good thing too, because the game went for eleven innings!!  Baseball is fun, but it's nine innings for a reason!  :)

     This weekend we will be heading up to Camp Comer again for Cub Scout Campout.  We had a great time last year, except for a scare, which hopefully we won't be repeating!  Tomorrow we head out after lunch, and Mommy is praying for warm, dry weather!  Look for an up-coming post about our adventures this time! 
      I hope you are remembering to take advantage of the fun times you are able to have with your own families.  Because that's where lots of  "Lego moments" can be found! :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Why We Do What We Do-Part Two

     Last week, I wrote a post to remind myself what it's all about.  As we approach the most joyful holiday in our walk as a Christian, it caused me to re-visit this topic in my musings.

     Yes, the people in our lives are important reasons to do what we do.  And yes, the Bible does have plenty of things to say about our duty to train our children up in the right path.  These things are important motivations to "keep on keeping on." 

    But, today especially, I felt it important to remind myself of the most important Reason of all.  Our Saviour is why we do what we do.  Good Friday is traditionally the day that we take time to reflect on our Lord's ultimate sacrifice.  And Easter Sunday is the day we rejoice in His conquering of death and the grave.  But we should strive to remember--today, Sunday, and every day--that Jesus is the reason we do what we do. 

    Remember the fact that He did what He did so we could have the blessing of forgiveness of the Father, fellowship with His Son, and the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit indwelling us.  His death on the cross allows us to experience His blessings in our lives.  He did what He did for us.  It's not a lot to ask that we do what we do for Him. 

    So, when life is crazy, and circumstances seem out of your control, take a minute to focus on the Saviour.  Ask Him to help you remember why you are doing what you are doing.  Is it for yourself, or for Him?  Allow His peace to permeate your soul.  And remember why we do what we do!  :)  Happy Resurrection Day!  :)

 *This is what was out our front door yesterday!  :)