Thursday, September 25, 2014

Double Digit Birthday Boy and Other Milestones of Life!

   We have reached two milestones here at Legos in my Make-up Drawer!  The biggest one is our first double-digit birthday!!  First-Born is 10!  I am still struggling with the passage of time...a couple of weeks back it was the hubby's and my 15th anniversary (quite a milestone in itself!!), and now I have a ten-year old!!  What has happened to my little baby?  It seems like yesterday he was all: "Hi world!"

Or: "Merry Christmas!"

Now, I can barely get him to be still and get a decent pic!

But, I can't complain. He is a pretty great kid--most of the time.  He has random moments of thoughtfulness that give a glimpse into his heart. He got some gum for his birthday, and we recently ran out of "family" gum.  Since then, there has not been one time as we were heading out the door that he did not offer his own gum to myself and his dad because he knew we were out.

He is a good big brother...always looking out for the little guys.  We have to remind him a lot that he is not a parent, so his siblings might not always appreciate his efforts!  He is best buddies with Middle Biscuit, and they are always working together on some project or another.

So, happy TENTH birthday, First-Born!  We are so blessed that God gave you to us!  Thank you for putting up with our mistakes as parents, and we pray we didn't mess you up too badly!  We love you and couldn't imagine life without you!

Oh, yeah, the other milestone...(I bet you thought I forgot, huh?)  This is officially the (drumroll please!) 100th post for this lil ol' blogger!  So thanks to my readers ('cause without you I would just be a crazy lady typing words that no one reads--which is pretty much the same thing as talking to yourself-ha!) and to my kiddos, who were the inspiration behind this idea to begin with!  Love to all of you, and keep looking for the "Lego" moments! :)