Monday, August 27, 2012

Update from the First Week of School!

     Well, here I am again--a month between posts!  In all fairness to myself, though, this past month has been insanely busy.  Even more insane than usual...which is saying a lot!  But, I had a few spare minutes after house cleaning and before I start supper, so I thought I'd better take advantage of them!  I hope I get done in time...

     The biggest happening around here has of course been the start of the school year.  All the boys are in school this year, (this is what happens when Mommy and Daddy teach there!) so we are all busy with school and new schedules.  So far, it seems to be working out pretty well.  (She said optimistically the fourth day of school into the year...)  I guess we will see how things keep progressing.

     The week before school started, Mommy, Daddy, and Middle Biscuit were all very ill with a stomach bug.  I can't complain too much, because I can count on one hand the number of illnesses of that type we have had in our family.  But all I will say is that I have literally never been so sick in my life.  Maybe it was being pregnant and being sick at the same time (also a very rare thing for me) but I have never been so glad to be well before!  Thankfully, we were all mostly better for the first day of school.

    School is much more interesting this year.  We have doubled enrollment again this year, and are now up to twenty students.  So, because of the way our school is set up, and how our curriculum works, it is similar to a home-school setting.  So, Hubby and I, and Mrs. H (the kindergarten teacher), and Mrs. F (our new helper this year) are pretty busy all day.  Listening to reading, helping with Math, challenging students to retain information, and most of all, instilling Godly character are the things we strive for every day.  We have students from very different backgrounds, some with special learning challenges, and it is our job to train them up in the way they should go.  Such an awesome responsibility!  Sometimes, I have to take a step back and say "Lord, you know I can't do this on my own..."  There is a different level of pressure than home-schooling, I feel, because you home-school your own kids.  They are already your responsibility.  But parents have entrusted their kids to us for a large portion of their day--you don't want to "mess up" someone else's kids!  :)  But God has truly blessed and given strength beyond measure for this undertaking.

     Two of the boys were excited to start school this year.  First-Born didn't want to have to do his school work--doing nothing all summer was much more fun apparently!  But they were all up and ready to go for the first day...after some cajoling by Mommy!  I think I even got smiles from everyone in the "first day of school" picture!

      Of course, the most excited one this year is Stitch!  He is finally big enough to go to "real" school.  He very seriously told me that he needed a backpack, lunchbox, and a "big blue box" (pencil box) like his brothers had.  Also, two pencils, markers, and new crayons.  Oh, and his own scissors and glue stick.  He was very excited to take his picture all by himself...he actually pushed his brother out of the picture because it was his turn! 

      Baby L. seems to be handling all the changes well also.  Mommy is finally feeling a little better, or maybe I'm just so busy I don't have time to notice it anymore!  We should be finding out what we're "getting" at our next appointment, which is in a couple of weeks.  I don't have any "leanings" one way or the other right now...people keep asking me if I want a girl this time.  I'm not sure if I would even know what to do with a girl at this point!  :)  The boys all want another boy---I guess they think "Why mess with a good thing?"   Stay tuned for the big reveal in a few weeks!

     I thought I would end this post with a funny Stitch story that happened this past week.  We were eating supper and I had told the boys to eat with less talking because it was Wednesday, and we had to get ready for church.  Well, it was quiet around the table (a rare occurrence!) and all of a sudden Stitch gasps and says, very excitedly, "Mommy! Do you know what my brain is doing?!"  Of course I had to say no--that is such a loaded question from a three year old!  He then replied, "It's singing "Trust & Obey" all by itself inside my brain--right here!"--pointing to his forehead.  Then he said "See?" and stares me dead in the eye--like I could hear inside his head!  Well, I didn't want to hurt his feelings by laughing, so after much inward struggle, I was able to reply that it was great that his brain was singing such a good song, and God likes to hear him singing all the time!  He is at the age of discovery--and it sometimes his discoveries are hilarious!  Definitely a "Lego moment!"  :)