Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's December!

     I can't believe it's already December!  Where did this year go?!  December is always a very busy time for us...and I'm sure all of you as well!

     This month started off with a great baby shower thrown for us by some great friends.  These people are some of the most generous I know, and they go all out for this type of thing!  I thought I'd share a few pics I took so those of you who couldn't make it wouldn't feel left out!  We received so many blessings that I am going to be writing thank-you notes until the baby is two! 
Super-cute "sleeping baby" cake!  Almost too adorable to eat!

Variation on a diaper cake--a diaper baby bathtub!

Fruit baby in a fruit cradle! 

     Of course, school is always busy this time of year!  With field trips, Christmas parties, and oh, yeah, schoolwork, all the students are winding up for the Christmas break.  The closer it gets, the more of a challenge it is to keep them focused until the end.  And don't think the teachers aren't looking forward to a break too!

     We haven't begun out family Christmas preparations as of yet. I have some guilt about this, but there are a lot of things taking up our extra time these last few weeks.  And I really don't want it to be a hurried, "let's get the tree up fast 'cause we have something else to get to" experience.  So, we are waiting a little longer this year, with the hopes that when we do get to it, it will be enjoyable, not torturous!  Besides, everyone seems to be rushing into the holiday season, with the emphasis being on rushing.  So we can be a little behind everyone else and enjoy ourselves, rather than being all "Christmas-ed out" before Christmas is even here!

     Because, let's face it---that's what the season is all about, right--the joyfulness of God's Son being born.  If we rush around buying, wrapping, traveling, cooking, decorating, and collapsing, then what joy have we shared with others around us?  If we are so frazzled with the commitments of the season, we can very easily lose the chance to give (and receive) blessings to others.  One verse I really like for this time of year is found in Luke's account of the birth of Jesus.  "But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)  This always reminds me of the importance of quiet reflection and meditation--even in the busiest times.  And, let's face it...Mary was busy!  She was away from home, living in a barn, with a new-born!  Yet she made it a priority to think about the blessings in her life and thank God for them.

     So, in your busy holiday season, leave some time for the quiet moments of reflection on the blessings of the season.  Don't worry...the excitement will still be there when you get back to it!  Have a great (not-too-busy) holiday season!  :) 

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