Saturday, August 23, 2014

It's the First Week of School (or Where'd My Summer Go?!)

     Well, we have just finished the first week of the new school year around here!  Our school actually started 1 or 2 weeks later than most of the local schools (feel sorry for those poor kids!!), so I kept telling the boys not to complain too loudly!

     We had a fun family summer.  Of course, the highlight of the summer was our trip to the Creation Museum in Kentucky.  This was practically the next best thing to Heaven for my budding scientists!  We spent two very full days there, but I think they would have gladly spent the whole week!  I highly recommend a trip there if you ever get a chance.  It was such a relief to go somewhere that you knew you were safe from the constant anti-Christian negativity that pervades our society today.  I didn't have to re-explain one single plaque from the Christian worldview, I didn't have to worry that a certain exhibit would have something the boys couldn't see, and it was actually fun.  Our whole family enjoyed it...even Baby Sister!
Our first glimpse of the museum! 
Getting ready for our class on....

"Cool Critters of the Ice Age!" with Mr. Buddy Davis

Buddy Davis signing the clay sculptures
we made in the class. 

The boys and the new Allosaurus skull.  One of the most
complete skulls ever found! 
Baby Sister loved the petting zoo!

Hi Mr. Llama!

How about a snack?

Open wide!
Mommy & Baby Sister! 

Daddy and the boys meeting Dr. Ken Ham! 

     The next highlight of our summer is always our family reunion!  This is a fun time of fellowship with extended family, most of whom we only get to see once a year!  We also got to go visit daddy's sister and swim in her swimming pool!

     It wasn't all fun and games this summer, though.  We were all busy working in and around the school, getting ready for the new school year.  The Lord had sent some changes our way, so we needed to prepare for these "adjustments."  After much cleaning, prep work, furniture moving, and even some wall moving, we were ready to start this new school year!

     The first week of school is usually dreaded by students and longed for by parents!  Teachers are somewhere in the middle--excited to see what God has in store, but nervous as to exactly how you are going to pull it all together!  We added a few changes to the program, and I was definitely nervous as to how things were going to work out.  But of course, it was in the control of the Master Planner, and things went off without a hitch!  In fact, I believe it was one of the best first weeks of school we have had here.  The new students settled into the routine quickly, the "old" students set great examples, and everyone seemed to be excited about what the new year was going to hold.  They all really worked hard and got off to a great start, which really set my mind at ease.

     It's funny how surprised we always are when things work out well.  I mean, we say we trust God, and we know He has plans for us that work out for good (Romans 8:28), and yet we always have those moments of "HOW am I going to handle this?!  What was I thinking?!  There's no way!!"  And our wise Heavenly Father always comes through for us and shows us once again that He was always there, guiding each element of each situation so that it is better than we could ever expect!  So thankful for His guidance and loving hand in my life!

     So, here's to a great school year from our family to yours!  Remember, keep doing what's right, and keep looking for those "Lego moments" in your everyday life!  They're God's little love notes to you! :)

P.S. I almost forgot!! The movie I blogged about in my last post ("Keep Going") is coming out on DVD September 2nd!  I highly recommend it for all my mommy friends--and even if you're not a mommy.  Great, funny, poignant movie with a message for everyone.  Go watch it!! :)