Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Forget What's Important

   I have been privileged for most of my life to have my father as my pastor.  I have always considered this a blessing for the most part, although I have been illustration-fodder on more than one occasion!  I realize that I may have the privilege of learning more spiritual truths from my father than most people, simply because I have had the privilege of having him as my pastor.  I also love the fact that my children are growing up under his preaching and teaching, and that fact was driven home even more last year, when we thought we may lose him.

   Yesterday, he preached on John 4:31-35.  He brought out the fact that Jesus had sent the disciples to "buy groceries" because they had been traveling and were hungry.  The disciples left, and when they returned, they found that Jesus had led a Samaritan woman to salvation.  She had gone to bring more of her neighbors to come and speak with Jesus.  The disciples pressed Jesus to eat the food they had brought to Him, and he said that He had already been fed. (v. 32)

   What really came out in the message yesterday was the fact that the disciples were so focused on the task at hand, that they nearly missed the most important thing about their trip through Samaria.  They had obeyed Jesus in going to get the food, but all their thoughts were bent on the immediate.  They needed a reminder from their Lord to "look on the fields" and see the spiritual needs of the world around them.  I realized that this is a trap I fall into also, because I get caught up in the day-to-day work that I am called to do.  The Lord wants me to remember that even though I am obeying Him in the work of the day, I am to keep in mind the more important things such as the spiritual needs of others.

   I appreciated this reminder from my pastor yesterday, and I hope everyone else was able to take something away from their own services yesterday as well!  :)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, When You Say 'Helpmeet', You Mean Mechanic...

   It is a gorgeous day here in Alabama.  It feels like spring, and I'm thankful for the beautiful weather and the chance to enjoy it with the guys outside.

   But Jared had one thing in mind for today, and to be fair, he did tell me that he planned to spend the day working on the family vehicles, which are in need of a little TLC after the winter.  Various leaks need to be fixed, oil changed, and on the list goes.  So, I figured that it was time for me to learn a few things about car repair.

   Now, I am not like most girls, who can't figure out how to put air in the tires.  I already know a few basic car things.  I can change a tire, even at 6 months my friend Amy can attest to...she helped me out that day!  I can also put air in the tires, and add various fluids in the right places.  I know that if your heater starts to blow cold air, you need to pull over and turn your car off immediately!  I am thankful to my hubby for teaching me these things, and I like to learn new things.  So that explains why, on this nice day, I was outside taking bolts off the front of the van so we could get to the radiator to fix the leak.  I told Jared that at least I was as much help as a 10 year old boy, right?  :)

   Well, we found the leak, and we found out that we can fix it.  I learned that peanut butter jars are good things to hold the bolts you take out.  I also learned that sometimes being a helpmeet is working cheerfully alongside your guy, even though you don't know what you're doing!  I like to think that I helped the job go more quickly, but even if I didn't, I helped it go more smoothly, because I was there.  I don't think we girls realize that sometimes simply being willing to spend time doing something you wouldn't normally do with your hubby means a lot to them. 

   Now,  we just have to get the thing put back together... :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wait, what??!

   Today has been a good day so far.  Feeling productive--house cleaned, school with Ethan, drama-free nap time, worked on far, so good.  Then Jaden came home from school.
   Don't get me wrong...he did nothing wrong.  We have been struggling a little with his motivation to get school done right, but this week has been much better.  He has done so well actually that he has earned tomorrow off of school for a fun day.  It's not what he did, it's what he said when he came home from school.  In our conversation about the happenings of the school day, he said "Mom, H. (a little girl in our school) invited me to her house, can I go?"  "Maybe," I said, "Is she having a birthday party?"  "No, it's a dance." he innocently replied.

   Wait, WHAT??!

    Now, keep in mind, he is in FIRST grade, and the little girl is in 2nd grade.  I didn't think I would have to be discussing these issues until MUCH later in his life!  (Although, this is a problem I run into fairly often with Jaden; he is 6 going on 21.)  So I killed my first reaction, which was to scream "A WHAT?", and I thought about it rationally.  Knowing H.'s mom, I had a feeling that I would have heard about any 'official' party to be had.  Therefore, I simply said that when H.'s mom told me about the party then we would discuss attending said PARTY (not DANCE!!).  There...crisis averted. 

   The whole thing was over in a few minutes, but it was an uncomfortable reminder that the boys are growing up, maybe faster than I want them to some days.  As a mom of toddlers, you get lulled into a sense that these days of diapers, runny noses, magical wound-healing kisses, and baby talk will be here forever.  They won't, and these glimpses into the future are a startling reminder that time is flying.

   I think about the kids I taught in school before I had kids, and they are growing up, & having kids of their own.  I hoped to make a difference in their lives, and I have the same prayer as I train my own kids up now.  My prayer is that I impart God's wisdom whenever I get the chance, and that the little seeds of God's Word that we have planted will begin to grow and bear fruit. 

   And also, that I will never hear the statement, "going to a dance"  from any of the boys ever again!!  I'm not sure my heart can handle it!  :)

What's with the name?

  Okay, so this is my first venture in blogging.  I can chalk this attempt up to my sister-in-law, who recently started her own blog.  Thanks, Christy!
  So, you might be wondering about the title of this blog..."Legos in my Make-up Drawer."  Well, I was thinking about things that sum up my life with three boys and my hubby, when this example came to my mind.  The other day, I sat down at my vanity to 'fix my face' (this must have been because I was going out somewhere...I DO NOT wear make-up on a daily basis!) and I opened the drawer where I keep my make-up, and there, glaring up at me, was a Lego pirate man.  I laughed, called a boy to come and put the pirate away, and didn't give it much more thought.  A few days later though, I was thinking, and I realized that my life is full of these moments.
  Besides the obvious reality of living with one big guy and three little guys who are obsessed with all things Lego, which means Legos appear everywhere and anywhere in this house, I realized that this was a picture of what God does in our lives too.  We get caught up in the everyday, mundane things of life, and they begin to bog us down with their needs and issues.  Then, without warning, God sets somethings small in our path that catches our attention and makes us remember His blessings.  So, I've been trying to remind myself to look for the 'Legos in the make-up drawer', and thank God for His care in the everyday things that we go through.
  Anyway, that's the reason for the name of this blog, and I hope it brightened your day and helped remind you that it's the little things God sends us that show His love for us!  (Another tribute to Christy and her new blog!)  :)