Monday, February 14, 2011

Grandparents, Legos, and Other Fun Stuff!

   So it's been a little while since I've posted last!  We were pretty busy the last few days with some extra stuff going on.

   The in-laws came down for a few days to visit.  The boys haven't gotten to spend much time with their dad's parents because they lived several states away.  Traveling that far (flying or driving) is a daunting task, so we couldn't make the trip as often as we may have liked!  Now, Grandpa & Grandma are retired, so they got an RV and are traveling around, visiting all their kids and grandkids!

   Now, I have great in-laws, and I am thankful for that.  But I stress when they (or anyone really) come to visit.  I think this has to do with my OCD, because I need the house to be CLEAN when people are coming, and let's face it, with three boys it just doesn't stay that way for long.  So I cleaned the house Thursday, and again Friday morning, and then the little boys and I decorated the house for Valentine's Day.  We finger-painted (another struggle with OCD!), and put up decorations that we had gotten at the Dollar Store.  The in-laws showed up early Friday afternoon, right in the middle of a snowball fight we were having with the left-over snow.  (Ulterior motive on that: if the boys are outside, they can't mess up the clean house!!)  The boys were excited, and immediately dragged Grandpa off to the toy room to play with (what else?) LEGOS!  Grandpa built a house for them, and then fell asleep on the floor of the toy room, tired after a long day of driving!  I reminded the boys that Grandpa sleeping on the floor was not like Daddy sleeping on the floor, and they were not to jump on him under any circumstances!  Then it was supper time.

   Since I'm confessing things, I will just admit that cooking for people stresses me out too.  (I know...I have issues with things being just right...!)  So, I cooked dinner, and it was well-received, which helped me relax a little.  The boys and I made a heart-shaped cake for Valentine's Day, so we enjoyed that for dessert.

   Saturday, Daddy got up and cooked breakfast for everyone (he knows about my cooking issues), and then we decided to take the grandparents to the Lego Store in the mall.  Now, the in-laws are from a smaller town, in a fairly sparsely populated state, so I tried to give them advanced warning about the state of the mall on a Saturday, especially the weekend of the holiday of guilt-induced money spending.  But they decided to brave it anyway, so on we went.  Poor Grandpa looked like he was having second thoughts about 15 minutes into it!  But we made it, and the boys and Daddy came out with some new Legos, which made their day!

   We had to say good-bye to Grandpa and Grandma this morning, and when they left, the first thing Middle Biscuit said was "When are Grandma and Grandpa going to be coming back from the beach?"  (They are going down to visit more grandkids who live in Pensacola, which is where we take the boys to the beach!)  I assured him that they would be coming back through soon, maybe even close to his birthday in May.  Thankfully, we had a fun day of a school party at the park to take our mind off it, so we got ready to go without too much drama!

   Today being Valentine's Day, everyone is thinking about love and things of the nature.  I am thankful that my boys are loved, not only by us of course, but also that they have a network of loving, supportive family members that they know love them too!  We are looking forward to getting to see some of them more often, and teaching our boys the importance of love and loyalty to your family!

   Now I have to get ready for the rest of our Valentine's Day.  Making my hubby and kiddos favorite meal of spaghetti (I have no trouble cooking for them!), and I have some 'loving' laundry to finish up!   You can love in all kinds of ways, right?  :)

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