Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Brotherly Love

   Recently I've been noticing that my boys are more willing to help each other out.  This isn't something we've really been stressing, other than the typical "Be kind, share, no hitting" and so forth of the day to day life with boys.  But just this morning, the First-Born took time to read the little boys their favorite book before he left for school. And a few minutes ago, I glanced up to see Middle Biscuit combing Stitch's hair!  These little moments are spots of sunshine in my day!

   As my boys get older, I pray they grow closer together.  Because it's good to know that you have someone there for you no matter what.  Families should be this way for each other, even though sometimes you have to do the hard things.  Especially when someone's doing something you know is wrong, or just unwise.  Part of being a brother is saying the hard stuff when it needs to be said, or making the choice that is unpopular.  But it's not fun.  We'd all prefer to have a great time with our family over dealing with an issue that may be a problem.  Parties are always more fun than interventions!  But there is a call to do right no matter what...even through the hard times.  I pray that we can raise Godly young men who know how to stand for what is right, even among their own family.

   But for now, I am enjoying the little moments of brotherly love I am seeing evidenced.  They are few, but growing, and I'm thankful!  :)

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