Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let the Summer Begin!

   This past week was our first official week of summer break!  Mommy is all ready for school to start again...haha, just kidding!  

   The First-Born finished up with his school work early last week, and we had our school awards night last Wednesday.  He walked away with a lot of awards, especially in his academic accomplishments.  He received the awards for the most work completed, and highest overall average!  So this caused his teacher and myself to wonder why the only trouble he ever got in at school was for wasting time?! :)  He is looking forward to having lots of fun (and wasting lots of time) this summer!

   We took the Middle Biscuit to the Lego store for a birthday shopping trip over the weekend.  He bought several sets, including Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater from the Cars movie.  He has aways loved the movie, so this was a perfect find for him!  

   We are settling into our summer routine around here.  I spent today working on the daily schedule for the summer months.  It always makes me feel a lot more on-top-of-things when I have a game-plan in the back of my mind.  And, like I told my mom, when you write something down, you feel a lot more obligated to get it done!  So, our schedule is all written out for each day, and will only need a slight adjustment here and there to finish it off.  Big sigh of relief for mommy!  

   One of the biggest helps in having a schedule is that if the boys know generally what the plan is, they are less likely to get bored.  Getting bored usually translates into whining and getting into fights, so the house is a much more peaceful place with a set plan of operation!  All they have to do is look at the clock, and they know what time it is and what they're supposed to be doing.  This also helps with boredom, because we are moving from one activity to another with regularity, instead of getting stuck doing one thing.  Sanity for all concerned! :) 

   Oh, and on that note, I just had to share that I found some great "medication" for my OCD problem!  The hubby got me an e-book reader for my birthday last month.  (It's a Barnes & Noble Nook, if you're interested.)  Anyway, there's a website called projectgutenberg.org that compiles book into a format that can be read on the e-readers.  The books are ones that the copyrights have run out on, so they are mostly "classics."  But to get them from book form to e-book form is a process!  The original is scanned into a computer, and then the text is put into a text editor.  Then people proof-read the text and fix any scanned errors.  This happens three times, then formatting issues are fixed and then the book is posted so you can put it on your e-reader.  Well, all that work is volunteer based, so people just create an account, and then proof-read on different projects as they have time.  Well, for someone with OCD, it is very soothing to fix "mistakes" and make things look right!  I am having a lot of fun with it!  

   Well, that's what has been going on around here lately.  Typical life! :) 

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