Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Circus, Act Two!

   Well, this is an unprecedented day for this blog...two posts in a row!  But I know ya'll didn't want to miss act two of yesterday's circus.  Ready...

   A few minutes after I finished the post for yesterday, I was corralling the boys for a much-needed nap time.  (Much-needed for ME, not for them!)  As I was doing this, I hear Middle Biscuit crying in their bathroom.  (It was not a great day for him yesterday either.)  So I go in to try and figure out what was going on.  He said the potty was making noises, and he was worried it would overflow.  I looked at the potty, didn't hear anything, and told him sometimes potties just make noise and to finish up and get in the bed.  

   Then my mom, who had been in the shower in my bathroom, said that the toilet was flushing slowly in there.  With two such reports in about fifteen minutes, I decided I had better investigate a little more thoroughly.  So I headed into my bathroom, only to be greeted by the horrifying sight of backed-up sewage in the garden tub, and stand-up shower.  I quickly went to visit the other bathrooms to fin the same situation in their bathtubs as well.  At this point, I have to admit, I was about ready to throw in the towel on this day, even though it was only half-over!  Oh, and did I mention that lately we have been using the bathtub in the smallest bathroom (which isn't usable because it's knobs are broken) for storage?  Extra cleaning supplies, TP, paper towels, cat litter, and birdseed all had to be carted from the two inches of water they were standing in and put out on the back porch.  Thankfully, we didn't lose much, just the paper towels, and a couple of boxes of tissue.  

   By this time, I had made a call to the hubby, who of course didn't answer his phone the first time!  (It seems like that never happens when you actually NEED to get them!)  After a short, not-so-sweet voice mail, (along the lines of "I'm having a problem. Call me!"), I hung up and tried again.  This time I got him, and shared our "issue" with him.  He said he was on his way.  

   He arrived, got the tools we needed, and was able to fix the issue with not too much effort.  It was probably due to the extra showers, toilet usage, and eight million loads of laundry we have been doing lately. (Tornadoes make a mess of anything you salvage!)  I then cleaned all the tubs and showers (ick), which will at least save me from having to do it today, I guess.  

   Hubby's mom had very kindly offered to fix supper that evening, so at least I was off the hook for that.  After that day, it would probably have been 5 dollar pizzas from Little Caesar's!  Then after supper, hubby took his parents and the boys over to the "site" to show his mom, who hadn't seen it yet.  So I was able to finish cleaning the kitchen and pick up the toy room ALL BY MYSELF!  It was wonderful!  I even had a few minutes to try out my birthday present! (The new Lego Wii Game...Pirates of the Caribbean!  Highly recommended!)  Then it was baths and bed, and the day was finally over!  Hubby was super-nice and bathed the boys for me!  

   Bed felt great, and I'm ready to tackle this new day!  Hopefully with less "circus" in it!  :)

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