Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Beginnings and Old Friends

   It's been a week since I posted last, and although it hasn't been as "circus-like" around here, we have still been pretty busy! 

   One of the major things that has happened since I last blogged was that God has been working in my parent's hunt for a new house.  Two Saturdays ago, my mom and I decided to sit down on the computer for a few minutes and look for house for sale in this area.  They want to move further out in the country, but still be close enough to the two churches my dad pastors.  So, we found a few properties, and noted a few addresses to look at.  But nothing really just "grabbed" us.  Until we found "the" place.  As we looked at the location, we noticed it was out in the country, further down our road towards the river.  Then, as we looked through the on-line photos of the house and property, we both liked it more and more.  It was in their price range, and it had several things that they had always wanted in a "dream house"--big rock fireplace, window seat in the bedroom (Mom!), and a hot tub on the deck (Dad!)!!  So they called to set up an appointment to look at the property, and came back in love with the house.  They didn't want to get their hopes up too high, since there were several steps still to get through.  But they have received loan approval, and the sellers took their offer, and so it looks like it will be moving forward!  The boys are very excited about Mimi & Pa's "new" house, with woods and a little creek, and lots of room to run and play!  Oh, and did I mention that the property is almost exactly right between the two churches?  It has been great to see God answering prayers-even the little ones! 

   Speaking of answered prayers, now comes the biggest story of the week around here.  If you've been reading this blog, you are aware that we never recovered Middle Biscuit's sleeping buddy after the tornado.  We took him to get a new friend, which he likes, but it's just not the same.  Well, I got a phone call last night during supper, from my aunt who lives here in town.  (The one whose house we stayed in after the storm.)  She said she had been on a "found items" site on Facebook, and that she had run across a photo of a blanket bear that she was fairly sure belonged to Middle Biscuit.  I told her we would get on and check it out.  So we hopped on the computer, and spent a few minutes tracking down the photo.  And suddenly, there it was, as big as life on the screen!  Since it has his name on it, it's a fairly unique item, so there was no mistaking it.  A lady had posted that she had found it, washed it, and posted it in the hope of getting it home.  She had put up her phone number, which hubby called right away.  We set up to meet her first thing the next morning.  So this morning, bright and early, Mommy, Mimi, and Middle Biscuit headed off to bring night-night bear home.  Oh, I haven't mentioned where she lived...and hour away!  It had traveled about 45 miles and landed in a pond close to her house!  

   When we arrived, she came out to the van bringing the bear.  Middle Biscuit's grin could be seen from space!  She had written him a little story about how she found it, which mommy will put up for when he is grown-up, just to show him how much God cares about the little things!  Night-night bear is home now, safe and sound, and not too much the worse for wear. In fact, he has hardly been put down all day!  

   Which just goes to show that God is interested in the small details of our lives, and not even a bear can "fall on the ground" with out our Heavenly Father noticing it! (Matthew 10:29)  :)

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