Monday, June 6, 2011

The Schedule: Monday

   Well, here it weekly summer schedule!  As unlikely as it may seem, I have had requests for this from several people, so I thought I'd put it on my blog.  If schedules are weird and scary to you, feel free to skip these next few posts...I'll post fun stuff later! :)  So, here we go! 

                        MONDAY (Laundry Day)

7:00-7:30  -  Wake-up and make beds.
7:30-8:15  -  Make and eat breakfast.
8:15-8:30  -  Get dressed.  
8:30-9:00  -  Morning chores. (Clean bedrooms, wipe 
                      table, feed cat, pick up stray 
                      toys, vacuum living room, sort
                      laundry--the boys do all this except 
                      vacuuming.  I dump the clothes on the
                      floor of the living room, set
                      out baskets, and they sort the clothes
                      into the different loads.  They
                      think this is a great "game!")
9:00-10:00  -  Devotions; workbooks. (I like the boys 
                       to practice the things they've 
                       learned through the summer, so I
                       generally have them do some
                       educational workbooks during the 
                       summer. Right now we are 
                       doing some from Rod & Staff, and
                       some others I got at the Dollar 
10:00-10:30  -  Snack time.  (If you have boys, you 
                         know how important regular 
                         "feeding" time is!) :)
10:30-11:15  -  Outside playtime.  (If it's not raining. 
                         On rainy days, we would
                         probably play a board game, or do
                         Play-Do, or an art project.)
11:15-11:30  -  Inside cool-down and playtime.  (This 
                         is usually the boys playing 
                         in their rooms on their own.  I think 
                         it's important for kids to be 
                         able to entertain themselves too.)
11:30-11:45  -  Make lunch. 
11:45-12:30  -  Eat lunch.  (We listen to a CD a lot of
                          times while we eat; Patch 
                          the Pirate is popular, as is Veggie
12:30-1:00  -  Extra playtime and clean up toy-room.
                          (This is usually when I am
                          cleaning up the kitchen from lunch,
                          and folding the loads of 
                          laundry that I have finished so far.)
1:00-3:00  -  Nap/resting time. (Two of the boys still
                          sleep during this time.  I tell
                         all of them that they must stay in
                         their beds until our "quiet time"
                         CD (a long classical music CD) is
                         over. Then they may get up, but
                         must keep doing quiet things.)
3:00-3:30  -  First-Born's TV time.  (Each of the boys
                         has 30 minutes of TV time to 
                         use as they choose. First-Born usually
                         plays video games for his.)
3:30-4:30  -  Middle Biscuit and Stitch's TV time and
                        afternoon snack time. 
                         (I usually combine these two things
                          and they eat in front of the 
                          TV.  I am usually folding more
                          laundry at this point.  The older
                          boys put away their own clothes and
                          I do the rest.)
4:30-5:30  -  Outside playtime.  (I am usually trying to
                          finish up the laundry and 
                          begin supper preparations at this
5:30-6:00  -  Make supper.  (I have the little boys 
                          playing in their room usually, 
                          and First-Born is practicing his 
                          piano while I am cooking.) 
6:00-6:45  -  Eat supper.  
6:45-7:15  -  Clean kitchen for the night.  (Wipe table, 
                         sweep floor, load dishes
                         into dishwasher, take out trash.)
7:15-8:00  -  Free time.  (Usually Daddy is home by
                         now, so this time is usually 
                         spent having playtime with daddy
                         and the boys.)
8:00-8:30  -  Get ready for bed.  (Clean up toys,
                         jammies on, teeth brushed, eat 
8:30-9:00  -  Family Bible-reading and prayer time.
                        (After this, when the boys are
                        in bed, Daddy will sometimes read a
                        story to them from a "big"
                        book.  They recently finished "Davy
                        Crockett" and are now in "The
9:00  -  Lights out! :) 

   Well, there's Monday!  This is very simply what works for us.  I know everyone's family dynamic is different, but I thought I'd share the basic guidelines so you could use them if you wanted to, and adjust them to fit your own family's needs.  I'll be posting the other days soon... :)

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