Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Welcome to the Circus

   This morning I woke up with the theme music for a circus playing in my head.  You know, the kind you hear in the cartoons and movies about circuses, usually played on a calliope?  Well, I was humming it out loud and my mom asked why I was singing circus music.  I told her that it was apparently the new theme of my life!  I guess my subconscious just decided to embrace my new lifestyle! 

   Take today for example.  We didn't have school today because two of our students were going to be out for the day.  (Pray for them, their father has cancer, and is not expected to live very long.  The boys are 6 and 10.)  Well, when you only have four students, and your teacher lives an hour away, it doesn't make much sense to have school for the remaining two kids!  So that puts First-Born at home today, and we decided to have him go ahead and do his work for the day.  He is less than enthusiastic about this plan...  So, I am getting a chance to see what home-schooling him would be like...let's just say that I like teaching in a classroom setting a lot better!  WAY less distractions for my focus-challenged learner!  

   And let's not forget the remaining two boys.  Stitch has been ill the past few days...he's had a runny nose and a little cough.  Well, his philosophy when he is not feeling well is that everyone has to be as miserable as he feels!  This leads to lots of aggravation on his part, lots of wailing from the other boys, and lots of "refereeing" on mommy's part!  Trying to keep him off of Middle Biscuit, occupied while I am helping First-Born with school work, and attempting to finish yesterday's laundry is taking some creative juggling on my part!  

   Speaking of juggling, let's move on to our next clowning adventure.  As I was cleaning up the waffles daddy made this morning (sigh), my mom, who was on the phone, says "Something's wrong with Middle Biscuit!"  So I turn around to see him clutching his face, covered in what looked like soap, crying loudly.  He says, "Something's in my eyes!", so I immediately rush him to the bathroom and begin washing them out with water.  He didn't seem to have any permanent damage, so I made him calm down and tell me what he was into.  He said "I squeezed that ball you told me not to squeeze."  And then I had to laugh, because it's not like I hadn't tried to warn them!  They had this ball filled with liquid of some kind, with spiders floating in it.  They were always squeezing it to try and see the spiders, and I told them that it would break eventually, and make a mess.  Well, Middle Biscuit was squeezing it and it exploded, and sprayed all over his face, clothes, and the toy room door.  Lesson learned, albeit the hard way!  

   Welcome to the circus...take a seat, grab some cotton candy, and enjoy the show!  :) 

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  1. I know you did not find all of this cute but is it mean to say that I found it quite humorous. Maybe it is just you knack for writing. :) Hope you have an uneventful happy day.