Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mall Mission!

   Well, today was the day.  Middle Biscuit has been waiting and asking this whole week "When are we going to Build-A-Bear?"  So, this morning Mommy, Mimi, First-Born, and Middle Biscuit headed off to the mall on our quest for the perfect new sleeping buddy.  Of course, there won't be any replacing the "original", but we wanted to give it our best shot!  (Stitch stayed home with Daddy, Pa, and the Visiting Grandparents...the mall and toddlers don't mix when you have a mission!)

   When we got to the store, it only took a minute for him to choose his new friend.  He chose one that looks remarkably similar to his old we decided that they were cousins!  Middle Biscuit has always been an Indiana Jones (Lego, not real movie...which is a little above his maturity level!!) fan, so he wanted to dress it in brown boots and a khaki vest.  Then he named it "Jones" and we were done! 

   Of course, we can't visit the mall without visiting the Lego store, which just so happens to be right across from Build-A-Bear, so that was our next stop.  We found the new Lego "Pirates of the Caribbean" set, and I had some birthday money left, so I got one for myself.  (Can't wait to put it for the pics!)  First-Born got a Lego Star Wars Speeder, which he has already put together as of this post!  We found Stitch a sword that he can wear on his back, since he didn't get to come on the adventure.  He thinks it is so great, and is already adept at pulling it out and "cutting up!"  

   So, that was our mall adventure today.  Middle Biscuit has a new buddy, and he is excited about bedtime tonight....although I told him that Jones can't sleep with his boots on! :)

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