Monday, June 20, 2011


     So, why is it that learning to wait is so difficult?  Is it just me, or is it fairly common?  I don't really see myself as an impatient person, more like I want to get busy accomplishing the things I feel the Lord has for us to do.  I am a do-er, this I freely admit.  But this season of my life is definitely a "waiting" season.  There are several new things on the horizon, all of which involve lots of work, but I can't yet move on any of them.  So here I am, waiting...

     For a person who is a do-er, this is the difficult part.  I am definitely a "Martha" when it comes to personality.  You know, "cumbered about with much serving" and wondering why her sister is just sitting.  (Probably because she left nothing for her to do--at least that's what I usually end up doing!)  So, I have been trying to remember the Lord's words to Martha lately and trying to "choose that good thing."  But it is difficult for me to have this mentality without feeling that I am wasting time.  Things to be done, time to do them, yet I am waiting

     So, I have been trying to keep busy with the other, everyday things that we have going on around here, and to remember that waiting on the Lord is the time to renew our strength, like the Bible says in Isaiah.  Because I know soon it will be time to run the race, and now is the time to prepare.  But no one ever said the preparation was exciting! :)

     So, else has been going on around here?  Well, we have been pretty busy.  Last week we had a couple of fun things to do as a family.  I took the boys bowling for the first time.  That was a hoot!  They really enjoyed it...even Stitch!  He was so cute in the tiny bowling shoes!  We also had a trip to the local science museum last Friday.  We brought some friends, so we had a big group of people with us.  It is always a great time for all.  I should be posting the pics from the trip on Facebook soon.  

     Our weekend was busy too, with a Scout fishing trip early on Saturday morning.  Daddy woke the boys up early and then they headed to the lake.  They came back with sun-burns (even though I sent sun block!) and had lots of fun.  Then when they came home, I left with my mom to get some shopping done.  I got Hubby a tool box for Father's Day, which he has been wanting for a while.  I hope it will help with the problem of "Do you know where I left my _______?", but I don't hold out hope for that...

     Well, that about wraps it up for doings around here.  I'm trying to learn to wait, and trying to keep busy while waiting!  Does that cancel itself out? :)     

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