Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bits & Pieces

   Well, since I posted "business" stuff recently, I thought I'd do a "fun" post today!  Just a few little things to give you a peek into what's been going on around here lately...

   One thing we are excited about around here right now is our new way to keep cool.  It has been exceptionally hot since the beginning of June.  (This is the weather that makes you believe in "global warming," haha!)  So last weekend, Mommy and Daddy discussed our "keeping cool" situation.  In the past summers, we have gotten those little plastic pools and just let the boys have fun.  But the bigger boys are getting, well, too big for them now!  So, we talked about getting a larger above-ground pool.  But the thought of this makes me a nervous wreck, especially since there isn't a ladder out there that Stitch can't climb, and a cover that he can't open!  

   So, we decided on a...sprinkler!  Cheap, fun, easy to get out and put away, and best of all, no one ever drowned in a sprinkler!  The boys have been having lots of fun, and Mommy has been getting lots of pictures! (If you're my FB friend, head on over there and check 'em out!) 

   The boys aren't the only ones feeling the heat.  Our little garden is thriving, despite the nearly triple-digit temps outside.  I am especially happy about this, since I have been the one (mostly) who has been trying to keep it going.  And you may not know this about me, but I cannot keep plants alive.  I mean it.  Not even desert plants like aloe vera.  Hubby took the aloe plant that someone had given us to work with him to "save it."  I think I inherited this from my grandmother (on my mom's side) who has the same problem.  My mom and my other grandmother are great with plants.  Not thumb all the way!  Which is why when I saw our first little tomato, I just had to take its picture... 
  Isn't it cute? :)  And since then, it has been joined by more tomato friends and a few baby bell peppers! 

   Since it's summer, we've had lots of extra time to play with Legos, and since we've had some birthdays, we've gotten a couple of new sets.  First-Born saved up some money and got an Egyptian adventure set, complete with obelisk and flying mummies! (That's right...flying else could they catch the plane?)  Here some pics of the finished products...the bi-plane for escaping with the jewel from the obelisk...(although I have to admit, the wing of the plane doesn't seem like the safest place for it...)
 Here's the obelisk and the flying mummy...

   Middle Biscuit got a Cars Lego set with some of his birthday loot.  He got a Lightening McQueen and a Tow Mater.  Unfortunately, he build them and un-built them so quickly I couldn't get a pic of them!  If he gets around to putting them back together I'll try to snap one; they're really cute! He did build this for me though...he called it "Mommy in the Park."  (Not sure why I have on a dr.'s outfit...)
    I also added a piece to the Harry Potter stuff I've been building.  It's "The Burrow", which is the family home of Ron Weasley, Harry Potter's best friend.  It has lots of little fun details, like owls, food, and Mrs. Weasley's clock. 

    Well, that's some fun stuff from around here.  Hope you all have a great weekend with your families!  :)


  1. next you need a slip 'n' slide. and aim the water at the garden :)

  2. Odessa-we had a slip-n-slide last didn't work that well. The boys didn't want to run and jump on it, so they didn't ever master the concept. And Middle Biscuit insisted on trying to walk up it, so he fell down a lot...*sigh* maybe when they're older! :)