Monday, June 6, 2011

The Schedule: Thursday

                                 (Shopping and Errand Day)
7:00-7:30  -  Wake up and make beds.
7:30-8:15  -  Make and eat breakfast.
8:15-8:30  -  Get dressed.
8:30-9:00  -  Morning chores.
9:00-9:15  -  Devotions. (So it won't be too late when
                       we start our errands, we don't usually 
                       do workbooks on Thursdays.)
9:15-11:15  -  Run errands.  (This is mostly grocery 
                       shopping, but can side trips to run 
                       other errands as needed.)
11:15-11:30  -  Come home and put away groceries. 
                       (Sometimes, if errand running gets 
                        late, we will grab lunch out.  This is 
                        dependent on the behavior of the 
                        boys, which is also an added incentive
                        during the shopping!)
11:30-11:45  -  Make lunch.
11:45-12:30  -  Eat lunch.
12:30-1:00  -  Extra playtime, and clean toy room.
1:00-3:00  -  Nap/rest time. (Even if we eat out, I try
                        to be home by this time for naps. 
                        Usually Stitch will be asleep in the 
                        car if we've eaten, so he just gets
                        "transfered" to his bed!)
3:00-3:30  -  First-Born's TV time.
3:30-4:30  -  Middle Biscuit & Stitch's TV time and
                       afternoon snack.
4:30-5:30  -  Outside playtime. 
5:30-6:00  -  Make supper; inside playtime; piano 
6:00-6:45  -  Eat supper.
6:45-7:15  -  Clean kitchen for the night. 
7:15-8:00  -  Free time.
8:00-8:30  -  Get ready for bed. (Baths, teeth brushed,
                      jammies, vitamins.)
8:30-9:00  -  Family Bible-reading and prayer time.
9:00  -  Lights out!

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