Friday, April 8, 2011

Wacky Wednesday

   When I was a kid, we had this book called "Wacky Wednesday."  It was about this boy who got up, and everything was crazy all throughout the day, and you had to find the silly things on every page.  My sisters and I loved finding the things that were out of place and messed up.  

   Well, this past Wednesday, I felt like I was inside that story!  The day didn't start out crazy, but it got that way in a hurry...

   I got the First-Born up for school, and then made some scrambled eggs.  The boys sat down after setting the table for breakfast, and actually ate their breakfast with only a bit of prompting.  Then we got dressed, and sent the First-Born out the door.  That's when it began to go down hill.  Stitch immediately began crying because big brother didn't give him a kiss before heading to school.  After calming him down, I tried to squeeze in a workout on the Wii Fit.  Then I began my actual workout of cleaning the house.

   Normally, the two little boys will play happily for most of the morning together while I get the cleaning wrapped up.  Not that day.  Stitch (who was probably still in a mood because of his thwarted affections) began trying to break every Lego creation made by the Middle Biscuit.  Now, our Middle Biscuit is very laid back, and usually handles himself fairly well, but when he reaches his limit, it's all over!  After breaking up the fight, the boys decided to begin following me around while I was cleaning.  The way I usually handle this is to give them jobs to do...they quickly lose interest in being with mommy when she makes them work!  So I set Middle Biscuit to dusting and made Stitch gather up all the bathroom rugs so I could mop and vacuum.  Then we were done with cleaning and it was time for lunch and nap.  ("Hallelujah Chorus" swelling in the background!)

   After getting the boys settled, I sat down for a few minutes to wait for the First-Born to arrive home.  And arrive he did... with a ton of homework (for him anyway) and two demerits.  Well, this knocked him out of the running for a Friday out of school, but he didn't seem to mind very much.  He had also whittled down his TV time from 30 minutes to 10. (I knock off 10 minutes per demerit usually.)  Settling him at the table to begin his homework, I then took the opportunity to get in the shower.  (I try to do this when Stitch is saves my sanity!)  When I got out, he still wasn't done, so I subtracted the rest of his game time, and he finally got moving, and was done in five minutes.  (It wasn't that much homework...)  

   While I gathered stuff for Patch Club performance that evening, and began supper, the boys started "playing."  I say "playing" because it was really fighting interspersed with moments of quiet.  Middle Biscuit came running to show me a facial injury given to him by his big brother, and so we had the talk about being careful and watching what you're doing while you are playing.

  I don't think 10 minutes went by when M. B. came running up crying with fair-sized mark on his head from where big brother had thrown the wooden sword this time.  Well, as this was a direct disobedience of the warning we had just had, we had to go to my room for a "conversation."  After this, I recommenced supper preparations and fielded a phone call from our Fearless Leader saying he was on his way home.  At the end of the phone conversation, First-Born comes running up and starts babbling about an emergency that he needed me for.  Hanging up, I headed into the front room, and saw soda spewing all over the carpet and wall.  He had thrown the wooden sword (AGAIN!) and hit a box of soda cans that was on the floor.  I told him to get a bucket (in a "not calm" voice, I admit it!) and start cleaning up the mess.  We then had another, longer "conversation" in my room, after which it was time for supper.  By this time Mommy was ready for bed, but we had still church and a performance to get through!  

   Thankfully, it went well, and everyone was still alive at the end of the day.  Including me!  Needless to say, I was facing Thursday with some amount of trepidation, but it was a much better day.  I'm glad the Lord knows our limits, and doesn't throw at us more than we can handle!  Today has started much better also, and we are headed out the door to the park!  (Running off energy is always helpful for the smoothness of the day!)  Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into one of our crazy days!  :)   

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