Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Weekend + Family Time = Fun!

   We had a busy but great Easter Weekend!  Of course, it's always busy around here, even when it's not so great!  :) 

   All the fun started on Friday...Daddy has the blessing of working for a small company with Christian bosses, so he always has Good Friday off.  We are thankful for this extra blessing, as so many have to work on that day!  First-Born was out of school, so we decided to break out Daddy's new tiller and get our little garden planted.  We spent the morning tilling the ground and getting the dirt ready for our new little plants.  Then we headed out for lunch, and to the feed store to buy our plants.  We decided on tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, cucumbers, watermelons, cantaloupes, and strawberries.  The "little" garden was getting bigger by the minute, so we finally dragged the boys away and went home to plant. 

   After we got home, the boys were tired, so we tried to lay them down for a nap.  All that we succeeded in doing was putting Daddy to sleep on the boy's floor, so we decided to skip nap.  Daddy had a great idea (!!) to get out the cotton candy machine, so then we had cotton candy for supper.  Well, we had a few other things too, but that's all the boys wanted!!  Then Mommy and Daddy headed out to plant the plants, and the boys were so tired that they wanted to stay in and watch a movie instead.  Well, except for Stitch, who would go outside no matter how tired he was!  With the help of Daddy's work light, we got all the plants in the ground, and then it was time to "plant" the boys in bed! 

   On Saturday, Daddy had to head into work for a little while.  (I guess the thought of two days off in a row was too much for him!)  While he did that, Mommy and the boys dyed Easter eggs.  Middle Biscuit was careful to explain to Stitch that this did not mean that we made the eggs dead, but that we painted them!  Once we had that cleared up, we started our egg dying fun.  Mommy's OCD has struggles with the whole egg-dying thing.  Small children plus cups of paint usually equals a big mess...but we did great!  (Definitely better than last year, when we ended up with an entire cup of PURPLE dye on the kitchen floor...)  Here's what our eggs looked like:

   Pretty neat, huh?  One thing I've decided for next year is not to buy the off-brand egg dying kit.  The boys wanted the dinosaur one, so I caved.  The dye came off on my fingers for the rest of the weekend, whenever I tried to peel an egg to eat!  So, next year it's definitely Paas!

    We went to meet Daddy for lunch, and then decided to go shopping to see if I could find something for myself to wear for Easter Sunday.  After a fruitless attempt at JC Penny's (don't even get me started on the clothes in that store!), I was able to find some really cute things at Ross.  Plus, Ross is always a great deal, which makes me feel less guilt about buying stuff for myself! 

  We ended Saturday night with haircuts and baths for the boys, because we all needed to look our best for church the next day!  

   Sunday we were up bright and early, and getting ready to head to church to worship our Risen Saviour!  All my guys were decked out in their suits and ties looking handsome!  (It was Stitch's first time to wear a suit...he was so cute!  If you're my Facebook friend, be on the look-out for pics!)  While I was getting ready, I overheard Middle Biscuit call out to his brothers, "Hurry up, Mommy is almost done working on her face!"  When I got done with my "work" (!!), we headed out the door.  Then it was time for lunch at Mimi and Pa's house, where we ate turkey.  We called it "Thanksgiving 2", because we had all the trimming to go with it!  Yummy!  

   I thought I would share the reason that we don't really get our kids anything for Easter.  Lots of people do Easter baskets on Sunday morning, or Saturday night, but usually we don't.  This is not for any "moral" reason, except for maybe Mommy's sanity.  It's because of this:

   This is the  bucket of candy that they got from everyone else!!  This bucket is FULL of nothing but candy.  I didn't take a picture of any of the other things they got, including stuffed animals, coloring books, crayons, squirt guns and other water toys, and other tiny plastic things too numerous to mention.  So, I figure they certainly don't need anything else from us...good grief!  My kiddos are blessed to have so many people in their lives who love them!  (What am I supposed to DO with all that!  It would send them into a diabetic coma!  We will probably be eating this when next Easter rolls around...I know there's still a few bunnies floating around from last year!)  *Sigh*

   That was our weekend!  Today was one of those days for recovery...the house showed lots of evidence from the long weekend!  But it is mostly under control now, so I feel better!  Hope all of you had a great weekend celebrating our Saviour!  :) 

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