Monday, April 4, 2011

Random Observations

   So, after a busy week, I just thought I'd share a few of my random observations of late...

   Random Observation #1:  Most of the time, the things you think will work out a certain way rarely ever work out that way.  For example, we took the in-laws to a knife-making symposium on Saturday.  I really thought that Grandpa and Daddy would enjoy it, and that the boys would be kind of bored, but maybe they would learn something.  Ha!  Try reversing that!  We could hardly tear the boys away from the class on forging Damascus steel, which involves combining two types of metal to make a third type of stronger metal, which is then used to make the knives.  They were full of questions, and I was trying to explain it to them in terms they could understand.  I felt like one of those people who  have to interpret for preachers in another language!  Even Stitch was enthralled with the pneumatic hammer they used to pound the hot metal, and of course, the forge itself was fascinating!  

   Random Observation #2:  Be careful what you ask for, because you'll never know how it may come to you.  Let's just say that I have had lessons in flexibility, patience, self-control, and joyfulness this week.  Sometimes your best laid plans are not what God uses to teach you these things!  I had planned a few fun activities for Spring Break, but most of them involved being outside.  The weather had other plans though.  I was thankful that by the end of the week, the sun was back, and we could take advantage of it!  

   Random Observation # 3:  Jury duty is less exciting than I thought it would be.  I was excited to be called up, and I was one of the few people who actually wanted to get chosen to sit on a jury.  (Does this mean I have no life?)  And when he said that we would be earning $10 a day, most everyone laughed.  I thought "Well, that's more than I usually get paid in a day!"  But apparently, juries strike fear into the hearts of criminals faster than Superman, because every case on both judges' dockets settled their cases rather than have them heard before a jury.  So we were all dismissed, and my visions of "Matlock" faded away.  Oh well, maybe next time!  :) 

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