Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Few Funny Moments

   Just thought I'd share a few funny things that have been said and done around here lately...hope some of them make you smile!  :)

   *Last night during prayer time, Stitch, (who is just learning to talk...he has been our late talker) decided to pray a little on his own.  Usually, Daddy leads him, and he copies what Daddy says.  Lately though, he has been thinking Daddy hasn't been praying for all the things that Stitch thinks he should, so he spends time reminding Daddy what else to pray for.  So, last night, Stitch prayed for Mimi & Pa to feel better.  Then he proceeds to pray for Pa's "baby chickens; hungry-eat; drink water; big."  Which I translated to mean that he wanted Pa's new baby chickens to learn to eat and drink so they can get bigger.  Yes, we pray for chickens around here!  :) 

   *While outside, Middle Biscuit was having a good time going down the slide.  He was sliding with hands and feet tightly by his side so he could go a little faster.  He gets to the end of the slide, jumps up and says "Hey, Mom, I went down that slide like a 'torteto' (torpedo)!  :)

   *While conversing with the First-Born concerning his ability to think about the consequences of his actions, I explained to him that you need to try to think about what might happen if you do something.  He looks at me in all seriousness and says, "But, Mom, no one can see the future!"  So I promptly answer him and say "Mommies can.  That's why we get to make the rules, because we can see what's going to happen if you break them."  (See, creative parenting!)  :) 

   *I had gotten a small bunch of roses at the grocery store the other week.  They had blossomed out, and I said "Look at those flowers; they really opened up nicely this time."  A few days later, First-Born looked at them and said, "Hey, your roses are really dying nicely now!"  *sigh*  :)  

   *Yesterday I made a chart for the First-Born of the things I want him to do after he comes home from school before he can get his TV time.  (Put things away, do homework, etc.)  When he got home from school, I told him to go look on his bedroom door and read what I had put there.  He runs off to do it, and then comes storming back into the kitchen.  He then says, "Well, THAT'S not what I wanted to see!!"  I never got out of him what exactly he was expecting... :)  

   Life is never dull around here... :) 

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