Wednesday, April 20, 2011


   I was reminded by a faithful reader that it has been a while since I have updated this blog.  (The fact that I even have faithful readers still somewhat boggles my mind!)  So, I've been gathering pictures of LEGO creations that have been cropping up around here, and I thought I'd share them with you all.  It's been a while since we had a good LEGO post!  So here goes, from youngest to oldest...

*This was built by Stitch (2 years old) all by himself.  He wanted to be in the picture with his creation, but I talked him into letting me take one with just the creation!  He is definitely not shy about cameras!  It's an airplane, I think...

   *The next one was built by the Middle Biscuit.  He is our creative, artistic one, so his LEGO creations are always interesting.  He is meticulous about having them "just so" and he know exactly how he wants them to look, and works hard to transfer his ideas into something concrete.  

    *This next one was done by First-Born.  He always has a story to go with his creations, and he is much more into using LEGO creations to play out his make-believe stories.  He said this was a police ship, with a "punishment rack" for the bad guys it catches.  (Notice the skeleton hanging there also...apparently this person was never sorry for his crimes and had to hang there until, well...he became a skeleton!)  Also, notice the large chest of treasure...police work is very lucrative when there's no such thing as an "evidence locker"! 


   *Next comes my recent LEGO adventure.  I am much more into the following the steps and building the "sets."  These next few are from LEGO Harry Potter (Okay, I admit it, I'm a Harry Potter fan!).  They are Hagrid's hut (which has a light-up brick that makes the fireplace look like it's working), then Harry and Ron facing Aragog the giant spider (isn't he great!).  Next is Harry freeing Dobby the house-elf from Lucius Malfoy, and finally a Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Slytherin.  (Look, they're flying!  The boys thought that was so cool!)  

   *Last but not least is Our Fearless Leader's most recent build.  He always has something built, but usually de-constructs it faster than I can take a picture of it!  This is a building he is building for the boys...not sure of it's intended purpose.  He usually likes the challenge of building something that will withstand being used by three boys!  :)  Middle Biscuit thought it looked "boring", so he added a workstation before I took the picture! 

   So, that's a few of the things we been working on around here.  If you want to look something else up, I saw a LEGO creation of the upcoming royal wedding.  Whoever did this had to be working on it since before the royal engagement was announced!  You can probably find it if you Google "Lego royal wedding."  It obviously took a lot of work!  Also, we were excited to find out that LEGO is releasing a new line of sets from Pirates of the Caribbean!!  I may enjoy Harry Potter, but Pirates has been my favorite for a long time!  It's the only thing I absolutely had to do on our trip to Disney, and it's one of the few movies I actually bought for myself.  So, since my birthday is coming up soon...guess what I want?  Besides, could there be anything cooler than a Lego man Cap'n Jack Sparrow?  I don't think so!  :)   

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