Monday, March 28, 2011

Family Fun

   This weekend was a fun, family-filled weekend!  March is the month of birthdays in this father, grandfather, brother, nephew, two sisters, hubby, twin cousins and brother-in-law birthdays are all in March!  So, we usually get together here and celebrate some of them (the ones that live here anyway!) sometime in March.  That meant that Saturday was party day!

   Actually, not the whole day was for partying; I mean, after all, we still have to be grown-ups and handle our responsibilities, right?  Friday night the boys went to spend the night with Mimi and Pa (my parents) to help Pa plant his garden Saturday morning.  They do not really spend the night very often; in fact, I think the last time was last year's planting time, so they were really excited!  Stitch had a rough night, though, because he's used to his big brothers being in the same room as he is for sleeping time!  He didn't realize they were gone until we put him down, and then he said "Brothers? Boys?"  He couldn't figure out where they had gone!  After some difficulty, he finally fell asleep, but came to sleep with mommy and daddy at around 4!  

   Daddy got up Saturday morning and spent the morning tinkering with lawn mowers with Grandpa, who is in for a visit.  They got the lawnmowers up and running, and even managed to cut a little grass!  Then we headed off to Mimi and Pa's for the birthday celebration!  

   For the first time in a long while, all my siblings and sibling-in-laws were able to get off work and be there!  I'm noticing that as we get older, the it gets harder to plan an event that everyone can attend, especially since some of them work on Saturdays!  It was good to get everyone together finally!  I am very thankful that we all get along, and genuinely enjoy spending time together as adults!  We ate lots of good food (Pa's BBQ...which is the best around!) and enjoyed present opening!  We spent some more time visiting, and before we knew it, it was 5 o'clock!  So we headed home for baths and supper...the boys were worn out!  

   It's Spring Break for the First-Born this week, so we are looking forward to getting to spend more time with Grandpa and Grandma!  Daddy is taking a day off work, and we are going to plan a fun adventure for that day!  I am so thankful that I live near family, and can spend time with them, and they can get to know my kiddos.  Family is a blessing from God, and as time goes on, the structure is constantly changing.  People are added, and sometimes taken away, so it's important to enjoy the time you have in all seasons of your family's growth.  The hubby and I are enjoying tending our young "seedlings", and it's a blessing to see some of my other family members maturing in their growth.  I hope you take the time to enjoy your family whenever you are able!  :) 

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