Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sunflowers After the Storm

     Okay, so I had to jump on and post a short "Legos-In-My-Make-Up-Drawer" moment that I had today.  The theme of this blog is finding the little things in life that God sends our way and seeing them for the blessings that they are.  Today I had a perfect example of this that I had to share with my faithful readers!  :)

     I was on my way home from running errands this afternoon and I was driving through my parent's old neighborhood.  It is mostly bare now; the houses have mostly all been leveled and the debris carried away.  We have to drive through pretty much every time we go to town, so we see the changes fairly often.  As I was driving today, though, I noticed that one of the neighbor's gardens must have come in, because they had a bunch of sunflowers growing in their yard.  As I looked more closely I realized that those neighbors never had a garden, at least not where these flowers were.  This made me curious, so I turned down my parent's road to investigate.  

     As I slowly drove down the old street, I realized that several of the neighbor's yards had these huge sunflowers growing in them, including my parents yard!  Now, I knew my parents hadn't planted any sunflowers this year, especially in their front yard.  There were just random clumps of sunflowers all throughout the street.  Not really anywhere else, just on that street.  All I could think was that someone, maybe my parents, must have had some seeds somewhere, or maybe even some birdseed, and the tornado had spread them through the neighborhood.  They are growing in the weirdest fallen trees, in houses, in driveways.  I had my phone, so I snapped a couple of shots. 

    The one above was taken looking across the remains of my parent's across-the-street neighbor's house.  

     This one is growing in what is left of the very large oak tree that used to be in my parent's side yard.

     Pretty much, no matter where you looked on the street, you could see sunflowers growing somewhere.  I just thought it was a perfect example of God's blessings that come in our lives after the trials we go through.  So, if you just went through a trial or time of testing, or if you're still in one, remember that God is still there, and later you will be able to look back and see the sunflowers He sent after the storm! :)

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