Thursday, January 27, 2011

What's with the name?

  Okay, so this is my first venture in blogging.  I can chalk this attempt up to my sister-in-law, who recently started her own blog.  Thanks, Christy!
  So, you might be wondering about the title of this blog..."Legos in my Make-up Drawer."  Well, I was thinking about things that sum up my life with three boys and my hubby, when this example came to my mind.  The other day, I sat down at my vanity to 'fix my face' (this must have been because I was going out somewhere...I DO NOT wear make-up on a daily basis!) and I opened the drawer where I keep my make-up, and there, glaring up at me, was a Lego pirate man.  I laughed, called a boy to come and put the pirate away, and didn't give it much more thought.  A few days later though, I was thinking, and I realized that my life is full of these moments.
  Besides the obvious reality of living with one big guy and three little guys who are obsessed with all things Lego, which means Legos appear everywhere and anywhere in this house, I realized that this was a picture of what God does in our lives too.  We get caught up in the everyday, mundane things of life, and they begin to bog us down with their needs and issues.  Then, without warning, God sets somethings small in our path that catches our attention and makes us remember His blessings.  So, I've been trying to remind myself to look for the 'Legos in the make-up drawer', and thank God for His care in the everyday things that we go through.
  Anyway, that's the reason for the name of this blog, and I hope it brightened your day and helped remind you that it's the little things God sends us that show His love for us!  (Another tribute to Christy and her new blog!)  :)

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  1. I love the lego man picture, Jen! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your daily events in life! It's nice to nice I'm not alone in all the craziness!