Saturday, January 29, 2011

So, When You Say 'Helpmeet', You Mean Mechanic...

   It is a gorgeous day here in Alabama.  It feels like spring, and I'm thankful for the beautiful weather and the chance to enjoy it with the guys outside.

   But Jared had one thing in mind for today, and to be fair, he did tell me that he planned to spend the day working on the family vehicles, which are in need of a little TLC after the winter.  Various leaks need to be fixed, oil changed, and on the list goes.  So, I figured that it was time for me to learn a few things about car repair.

   Now, I am not like most girls, who can't figure out how to put air in the tires.  I already know a few basic car things.  I can change a tire, even at 6 months my friend Amy can attest to...she helped me out that day!  I can also put air in the tires, and add various fluids in the right places.  I know that if your heater starts to blow cold air, you need to pull over and turn your car off immediately!  I am thankful to my hubby for teaching me these things, and I like to learn new things.  So that explains why, on this nice day, I was outside taking bolts off the front of the van so we could get to the radiator to fix the leak.  I told Jared that at least I was as much help as a 10 year old boy, right?  :)

   Well, we found the leak, and we found out that we can fix it.  I learned that peanut butter jars are good things to hold the bolts you take out.  I also learned that sometimes being a helpmeet is working cheerfully alongside your guy, even though you don't know what you're doing!  I like to think that I helped the job go more quickly, but even if I didn't, I helped it go more smoothly, because I was there.  I don't think we girls realize that sometimes simply being willing to spend time doing something you wouldn't normally do with your hubby means a lot to them. 

   Now,  we just have to get the thing put back together... :)

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