Monday, January 31, 2011

Don't Forget What's Important

   I have been privileged for most of my life to have my father as my pastor.  I have always considered this a blessing for the most part, although I have been illustration-fodder on more than one occasion!  I realize that I may have the privilege of learning more spiritual truths from my father than most people, simply because I have had the privilege of having him as my pastor.  I also love the fact that my children are growing up under his preaching and teaching, and that fact was driven home even more last year, when we thought we may lose him.

   Yesterday, he preached on John 4:31-35.  He brought out the fact that Jesus had sent the disciples to "buy groceries" because they had been traveling and were hungry.  The disciples left, and when they returned, they found that Jesus had led a Samaritan woman to salvation.  She had gone to bring more of her neighbors to come and speak with Jesus.  The disciples pressed Jesus to eat the food they had brought to Him, and he said that He had already been fed. (v. 32)

   What really came out in the message yesterday was the fact that the disciples were so focused on the task at hand, that they nearly missed the most important thing about their trip through Samaria.  They had obeyed Jesus in going to get the food, but all their thoughts were bent on the immediate.  They needed a reminder from their Lord to "look on the fields" and see the spiritual needs of the world around them.  I realized that this is a trap I fall into also, because I get caught up in the day-to-day work that I am called to do.  The Lord wants me to remember that even though I am obeying Him in the work of the day, I am to keep in mind the more important things such as the spiritual needs of others.

   I appreciated this reminder from my pastor yesterday, and I hope everyone else was able to take something away from their own services yesterday as well!  :)

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