Monday, May 26, 2014

Middle Biscuit Is 8!

   As I looked at my blog to write this post, I noticed that the last post I did was also a birthday post.  So, it's probably appropriate that I begin another blogging season with another birthday post.

    Happy birthday to our Middle Biscuit!  He is the quiet, artistic, giggly, tenderhearted one of this crazy bunch.  He is our most talented Lego architect, and can often be found sitting alone and drawing or building a Lego creation of his own design.  He is not boisterous or loud, but does enjoy rough-housing with Daddy and the brothers. But he also take time to give his little sister cuddles and kisses, and very patiently helps her as she is learning to walk down the stairs.  He is a peacemaker in our house, and doesn't like it when his brothers are fighting.  But don't think he is a push-over!  Both his brothers have learned the hard way that he is only so patient, and you better watch out if you go too far!

     We love you, Middle Biscuit, and are so thankful for the sweet smile and kind heart you bring into our family!  :)
Hello, Daddy! 

Swing-time smiles!
Valentine kisses for brother--Middle Biscuit looks so much like little sister in this picture!

Batter up!

Our sweet....
....silly boy! :)

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