Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Baby Sister Is ONE!

     I know I just posted yesterday, but I couldn't let this special occasion slip by!  Our little Sister is ONE!  It has been such a fun time watching her grow and change into a happy little girl!  Emphasis on the growing part...she is already wearing 18 months clothes, and 24 months isn't too far away!  She loves to eat, and is her Daddy's little junk food buddy! 

     It seems such a short time ago that she was a new little bundle of pink:


     Her first holiday was Valentine's Day, which I thought was appropriate for our new little love!


She has fit right in to all our family adventures...and doesn't like to be left out of anything!

    And how could she be anything but happy when she is surrounded by so many people who love her?!

So, happiest of birthdays my little one...you have been such a ray of joy in our lives...and we couldn't imagine what it would be like without you!  :) 

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