Thursday, September 6, 2012

It's A . . .!!!

     Okay, so right now I should be working on grading the thirty or so tests that were taken today...but I thought I'd do this instead!  A rare moment of procrastination from me!  But it's not like I don't have a little news to pass on!

     As some of you may be aware, today was the "find out what you're getting" doctor appointment for us.  So, we let school out early, packed everyone up, and headed off.  We had been talking about it for a couple of days, so the boys were pretty excited.

     We got there and-of course-we had to wait a little while.  I am always a little nervous with this appointment...making sure everything is good with the baby and all.  Or, maybe it's just because I always really have to go to the bathroom...since they say have a full bladder for the sono!  Thankfully, we actually didn't have to wait as long as usual.

     As the sono tech got to work (she's really great--we've had her for all the previous babies), I relaxed a little.  They like to tell everyone at once, so she didn't turn on the monitor so I could see ahead of time.  After she did all the "work" shots, she called in the rest of the family.  We got everyone situated, and then she started "the show."

     She didn't go straight for the "informational" shot, but spent some time showing the boys the baby's face, and little feet and hands.  (Always so cute!)  Being as this wasn't my first rodeo, I immediately noticed that it seemed less, umm, "crowded" than my previous sonos.  Sure enough, the next shot she went for let us know for sure--it was a girl!

     Needless to say, I was surprised!  This was the first real surprise feeling that I had being pregnant.  I hadn't let myself speculate on this issue.  Lots of people were sending pink thoughts our way though...I was just glad I didn't have to "disappoint" anyone! :)  (Not that they would have really been disappointed!)  Stitch was very happy--he had been wanting a girl baby!  First-Born was a little grumpy--he figured "Why mess with a good thing?"  Middle Biscuit was just glad he would still be the "Middle Biscuit!"

     So, everything looks great, she (SHE!) looks healthy and is just right on schedule at 18 weeks.  Now, we have to find the perfect name, and I have to stay completely OUT of the baby shoe aisle!  (It was bad enough when I had girl shoes are going to be even harder to resist!)

     Thanks for the prayers and good wishes, and keep them coming for the rest of the time!  Because now, we have a whole new world full of things like hair bows and baby dolls to figure out!  Good thing they have those pink Lego sets now!  :) 

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