Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Slow-Down. . .Yeah, Right!

     I had the highest of hopes for a more regular posting schedule for my poor, neglected blog this summer.  But then reality intervened, and well, let's just say lately we're lucky to get meals around here!  I realized that the busy-ness was getting a little out of hand one morning, about a week ago, as Hubby and I were sitting at the kitchen table after breakfast.  We were both filling out our respective to-do lists for that day and the rest of the week.  We both had lots to do, and not much time to do it in!  But we survived that week, and we're almost done with this one as well!  I'm glad to say that later on that evening, when that day's work was done, we promised ourselves that we would take some time for a "vacation" in a couple of weeks.  You don't know how often that thought has kept my sanity for the last few days!

     We've had a couple of big happenings around here since my last post.  Probably the most exciting thing was the fact that First-Born decided to get baptized!  He was saved about two years ago in our tent revival. (You can read about that here.)  He knew in theory that he should be baptized, but as he put it, "I'm just not brave enough."  Well, he finally found the courage, and two Sundays ago was baptized by his Pa. 

     I found this great pic from Middle Biscuit's birthday celebration.  I just had to stick it in here...
Nothing says "Happy Birthday" like six candles on an ice-cream cone!  
     We've also had a new addition to the family.  Some of you may know about our new kitten.  He is quickly becoming "one of the guys."  He's pretty feisty, which is a must around here, and all the boys love playing with him.  He was named "Chip" for the spots on his belly (they looked like chocolate chips), but we quickly realized that name was a little too "cutesy" for this particular tough guy!  So, the boys amended his name, and now he is known as "Chip Norris--the toughest cat in the world!"  He and Stitch are especially good buddies, and spend lots of time chasing each other around! 
Gotcha! :)

     Even though we've been busy, we have found time to do a couple of fun things.  Family zoo trips, picking the garden (well, the boys think it's fun!), celebrating Father's Day, picking blueberries, and making some cakes have all been little ways to have fun as a family! 

*First-Born working diligently on icing his cake...he wanted it to be just right!  (You should have seen them after they ate that cake...they looked like mini-vampires with all the red around their mouth!)

     *Middle Biscuit and Stitch worked together to ice their cake.  Well, Middle Biscuit worked to ice the cake.  Stitch realized that the knife was an excellent icing-eating tool! 

    This week we are in the middle of Cub Scout day camp.  Let's just say that it has been an adventure.  But then again, I guess anything that involves large numbers of boys under eleven is an adventure, right?  Tomorrow is the last day, and I'm not even going to pretend to be sad that it's over!  It's a good thing that we only have it one time a year!  Lol...

     I'm glad I've had the chance to catch you up with our crazy life!  I hope your summer is going well...and it's not too crazy!  :) 

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