Friday, April 6, 2012

Why We Do What We Do-Part Two

     Last week, I wrote a post to remind myself what it's all about.  As we approach the most joyful holiday in our walk as a Christian, it caused me to re-visit this topic in my musings.

     Yes, the people in our lives are important reasons to do what we do.  And yes, the Bible does have plenty of things to say about our duty to train our children up in the right path.  These things are important motivations to "keep on keeping on." 

    But, today especially, I felt it important to remind myself of the most important Reason of all.  Our Saviour is why we do what we do.  Good Friday is traditionally the day that we take time to reflect on our Lord's ultimate sacrifice.  And Easter Sunday is the day we rejoice in His conquering of death and the grave.  But we should strive to remember--today, Sunday, and every day--that Jesus is the reason we do what we do. 

    Remember the fact that He did what He did so we could have the blessing of forgiveness of the Father, fellowship with His Son, and the fruitfulness of the Holy Spirit indwelling us.  His death on the cross allows us to experience His blessings in our lives.  He did what He did for us.  It's not a lot to ask that we do what we do for Him. 

    So, when life is crazy, and circumstances seem out of your control, take a minute to focus on the Saviour.  Ask Him to help you remember why you are doing what you are doing.  Is it for yourself, or for Him?  Allow His peace to permeate your soul.  And remember why we do what we do!  :)  Happy Resurrection Day!  :)

 *This is what was out our front door yesterday!  :) 

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