Thursday, February 23, 2012

Boys Scouts and a Baby!

     This past week has been a busy one for us!  *Sigh*--it seems like I start every blog post with those words!  :)  Thankfully, the runny nose/coughing bug has finally vacated the premises!  Yay!  Every time we have a sickness, it makes me all that much more thankful that we are a healthy family overall!  

     Monday was our Blue & Gold Banquet with our Scout troop.  This is one of the highlights of the Scouting year.  The Scouts try to earn their rank badges by this time, and invite their families to see them get their award.  

     Scouting has become a bigger part of our lives over the last year.  Originally, I kind of intended that it would be something Hubby was able do to with our boys as "bonding" time, but the pack needed helpers, so guess who recently got recruited to be the Wolf Den leader?!  This is the den First-Born is in this year, and it also happens to be the largest group we have in our pack.  ( I'm wondering if that was the plan all along...?)  
     So, every other Monday, we all pile in the van and head to Scouts.  By the time the little boys are old enough to actually join, they're going to have earned all the badges already!  But, Scouting's a good thing, and it's one of the few extra-curricular activities that still has an emphasis on traditional family-centered values.  

    This year's banquet was a success, and all our Scouts did a lot of hard work toward their Scouting progress.  

    First-Born at the banquet.  When I see him in his uniform, all I can think of is the movie "Up!"  "Mr. Fredrickson, my knee hurts..."  :)


     Receiving his awards.  He earned his Wolf Rank, a popcorn-selling badge, and a Gold Arrow point. 

     Also on Monday, we got a new cousin!  My little brother and his wife had their first baby on Monday night.  We got to meet her on Tuesday.  She's such a cutie, and she helps even things up in the cousin mix.  Now we have two girls and three boys.  Welcome, Baby K!  :) 

     Meeting our newest cousin!   It's so funny...Stitch loves babies!  We were at the Science Museum the other week, and every time he saw a lady with a little baby, he asked me "Mommy, can I pet her baby?"  He and Daddy are teaming up to convince Mommy we need a new little "mini-figure" around here!  :)

        So sweet!  Those hospital pacifiers always look so big in their little mouths! 

   Well, that about wraps up this week so far.  This weekend already promises to be busy as well...with a birthday party and a wedding on Saturday!  Still haven't quite figured the logistics out for that one yet...  Maybe we'll have a day with nothing going on--but I just can't see it any time soon!  :)

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