Thursday, February 16, 2012

Bowling, Valentines, and Other Fun Stuff!

     This week has been a busy one for us around here!  To begin with, we are finally starting to get over the recent sickness that has been plaguing us.  Yay! I think I should have purchased stock in a tissue company...we would have seen major profits the past two weeks!  Anyway, I finally put away the medicine back in the medicine closet...the first sign we're mostly better!

     Monday, I realized that in all the planning for the Valentine celebration at school, the boys didn't have their Valentines done yet!  So we spent Monday evening working hard on Valentines for all our friends at school.

  Here's First -Born working hard on his Valentines---Choosing just the right one for just the right person!

     Then there's Middle Biscuit...he was able to write all his Valentines by himself this year!  Getting so big! 

     Last-but definitely not least!-here's Stitch with his finished Valentines!  I can't decide if the face says "I love you" or "You'd better watch out!"

     The next day was Tuesday.  We decided to have our Honor Roll field trip and our Valentine party all on the same day.  All the students in the school have made Honor Roll for the first two quarters, so we wanted to take them on a field trip that was fun, not "educational."  We also had to find something that covered a wide age group...from 3 to 18!  This is not a very easy task!  But we finally decided on bowling, and it was a hit!  Every one had a great time--even the teachers!  Even I bowled...and I am the worst bowler ever!  Mrs. Porter got to come with us and she brought her new Valentine...
Baby A!  She was bedecked in her Valentine's finest...and look at her cute smile!  :)

   I enjoyed being able to practice taking pictures on a mostly stationary subject, and Stitch was excited to get to spend a few minutes with his new cousin! 

     I love his expression in this one!  Anyway, I hope you had a great Valentine's Day, and that you were able to give out lots of love to all your special Valentines!  :)

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