Monday, August 8, 2011

Wounds and Weddings!

    This past week has been an adventurous one for us!  (It seems like I've been saying that a lot lately...sigh...)  It didn't start out very busy; I was settling back into our routine after the moving out of the parents.  I had two days of relative calm, and then it was back to insanity!

     Wednesday started out normally enough...Hubby was home, and planning to work at the school & church, I had planned a fairly easy day of cleaning the church and doing a little work at the school before preparing for Wednesday evening service.  Little did we realize the impending danger...

    As we were conversing in our room and discussing the plan for the day, Stitch was playing on our bed, jumping and throwing himself around.  I opened my mouth to tell him to calm it down a little, but before I could get the words out, he had flung himself backwards into the headboard shelf of our bed.  I knew by the look on Hubby's face that it was not going to be pretty...and it wasn't.  Stitch had cut a gash in the back of his head that was bleeding profusely...and we couldn't even tell how bad it was at that point, because of his hair.  So, I held and calmed him while Daddy got out the clippers and carefully shaved a spot in the hair (!!) so we could assess the damage.  When we could see the wound, we decided that something that would be hidden by his hair wasn't worth the trauma of stitches, so we butterfly-bandaged it and hoped for the best.  Thankfully, it is healing well, and I think scarring will be minimal.  Like his aunt said, "It gives new meaning to the nickname 'Stitch'!"  
      Our next big event that week was the wedding that Middle Biscuit was in.  As it was two hours away, we felt that it would be more prudent to get a hotel room on Friday and just stay overnight, rather than drive up and back for the rehearsal and the wedding.  So Friday morning I packed up the kiddos and we met Daddy on the road and headed north for the festivities.  The boys were excited about the swimming pool that was just their size at the hotel, so we suited up for a quick dip before heading out to the rehearsal. 

     After much rehearsing we went up to the dinner for all those in the wedding party.  The ladies in charge had decorated beautifully with an Italian bistro theme.  It was by far the fanciest thing Middle Biscuit had ever participated in, and I was a little nervous as to how he would juggle the "grown-up" cups, and all that sitting still.  But he did so great, and I was very impressed with his "grown-up-ness!"  

    The next day was the big event...and it went perfectly!  The bride and groom had put together a beautiful, God-honoring ceremony, and all the attendants (both big and little) did their jobs perfectly.  Middle Biscuit was as handsome as he could be in his little brown suit, and he did so great when it was his moment to shine!  I took lots of pics, but promised the bride that I wouldn't post them until they got back from the honeymoon.  So, be on the look-out for them on my FB page when I get the go ahead! 

     Well, that about wraps up last week.  Hopefully, this week will be less eventful...but I'm not holding my breath!  :)

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