Monday, February 9, 2015

Birthdays and Other Fun Stuff!

     We have been busy around here!  I was talking to a friend the other day, and we were discussing how we spend most of our time saying "If I can make it through this week, then things should slow down..." but somehow it never seems to happen that way!  Each week seems to bring its own pile of stuff.

     Since I posted last, we have had sickness, a cold snap during which I had seven college guys staying over night at the house, (only ONE set of pipes froze), several school-related happenings, a Lego event (BrickFair!!), and two birthdays!  And that is on top of the regular stuff of the day-to-day life with four kids.  So, once again, the poor little blog has been neglected.

     Stitch turned 6 during all that craziness.  He has had several milestones of great importance this year--at least to him, anyway!  He "officially" went to K5 (even though he's been in school for two years); he finally got to be a ring bearer in a wedding; and he lost his first two teeth!  (Thankfully, the teeth were lost after the wedding!)  It's hard to believe my littlest guy has gone from this:

 to this:

 to this:

 to this:

 in just six short years!  He is our mischievous, talkative entertainer.  He adores his little sister, and tags after his big brothers.  Our family just wouldn't be as fun without you, Stitch!

     Since he is such a great big brother, I am sure he won't mind sharing this post with his beloved Little Sister!  She turned 2 (!!) last week.  I can't believe this.  In fact, I think I am just going to be in denial for a little while longer.  She has been the "cherry" on our family's sundae.  Easy-going, sweet, and fun...she is such a trooper.  She comes to school with mommy and daddy every day, and is loved by all her other "brothers" and "sisters" there.  She has learned a lot in her two short years...and her favorite job is to set the table.  She walks around putting every thing in just the right spot, saying everyone's name in the process. ("Ye-BI", "E-e", Mommy, Dada, "Ja-yen")   We love you, Little Miss Sunshine!

     Well, that about catches everything up around here.  It doesn't seem like life has any plans to slow down soon, but I am working on the next post already, so maybe it will be up here soon!  Thanks for checking in on this little piece of crazy fun that is our life!  I hope you are enjoying the craziness that is yours! :) 

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