Monday, November 5, 2012

Joyful-Mommying: Our Inspiration

     This week's "Joyful Mom" theme is Scripture passages that have helped us on our journey as moms.  I have blogged about some passages that have struck me at different seasons in my life--here and here.  I have also blogged about why we do what we do as moms--that was a can see those here and here.

     One passage that has always been an inspiration to me has been Ecclesiastes 3: 1-9.  This may seem like an obscure passage for inspiration, but the realization that there are seasons in our lives has always been comforting to me, especially when I am in a "trying" season!

     As moms, we are very familiar with different "seasons" in our lives.  If you read this passage with the eyes of a mom, you realize quickly that sometimes the "seasons" change within days of each other!  Birth and death, planting and harvesting, and building and breaking are all part of our daily lives.  One week you may be comforting a child over the loss of a favorite pet, and the next week be preparing to bring a new sibling home from the hospital!

     Planting and plucking up that which has been planted, times to kill and heal, and times to break down and build up can of course be physical occurrences in our lives, but to me they have a spiritual impact as well, especially in the area of child-training.  We as moms are constantly planting seeds of Scripture in our child's heart, and we have to be on guard to "pluck up" things that are planted by the world in their minds and hearts.  "Kill" is a pretty dramatic word, but maybe this should be how much we want get rid of sins such as lying and rebelliousness when they crop up in our households.  And of course, healing is a big part of being a mom--from Band-Aids on cuts, to heart-break over lost friends.  Lastly, every mom knows that it is a constant struggle to maintain the right balance between "breaking down" the sinful, selfish natures of our kiddos, and "building up" their good character traits and qualities.

     I encourage you to read this passage, and as you do so, don't just focus on the physical applications that seem obvious, but delve a little deeper to find the spiritual applications God has for us.  I think you will find that no matter what season you are in as a mom, wife, single girl, or wherever else God has you, it is encouraging to remember that God has a plan for us, and no "season" lasts forever.

     And I have to say, as a mom, this may be the most encouraging thought of all--NO season lasts forever... The new baby will be here soon!  Potty-training will be accomplished!  One day, everyone in your house will be able to buckle their own set-belts!  Reading can be learned!  Times tables can be memorized!  So hold on--season change is just around the corner!  :)

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  1. Thanks, Jen, for the encouragement! I will have to read that passage this week with your thoughts in mind!