Saturday, January 21, 2012

Stitch Is Three!

     The new year is well under way, and that means a birthday in our house!  Littlest brother Stitch had his third birthday a few days ago!  We haven't really "partied" yet, but Mommy did manage to have cupcakes for him to bring to school, and he got "fire on his cake", which is all he really remembered from his last birthday!  

     I have to admit, Stitch was my biggest "surprise" child.  Not that he was an "oops" baby, but just that he was not what I was expecting from the third-born.  By the time we had the sonogram to find out what we were getting, I had already convinced myself that we were having another boy.  Nope, the surprise came a little later...'long about ten months or so.  

     You see, I was expecting that a third-born child of the same gender as the other kids would be the laid-back, quiet, naturally obedient one.  Like my sister...third-born, same gender, sweet, nice, never got in trouble.  Well, Stitch was a whole different story than that.  


   He has been our climber, jumper, family comedian, and show-off.  He's the one we've gotten the closest to having to take to the emergency room for a gaping head wound.  He's the one I have to plan pictures around how many marks are on his face!  The one, who if you don't hear for a little while, you'd better go find him and see what damage has been done.  The one whose name is shrieked in anguish the most often by the big brothers whose creations he has destroyed.

    He's also my cuddler, the one who says randomly throughout the day, "I 'yuv' you Mommy."  The one who still likes to "help" me clean and do jobs around the house.  The one who had to grow up a little quicker than his big brothers because his life changed pretty rapidly this last year.  And--I admit it--the one who's the most like me.  

     So, happy birthday to Stitch...our rough-and tumble, yet cuddly-and-sweet little boy!  :)

   *This pic was taken on his third birthday.  He has always loved the movie "Davy Crockett"--especially the theme song--"...Killed him a b'ar when he was only three!"  :)

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