Monday, October 3, 2011

What We've Been Up To...

     We have had yet another busy couple of weeks here in our household!  It's funny; just when you think that you're maxed out, you find that there's another big event on the horizon!  Of course, the first thought is "Where are we going to find time for that!??", but somehow, the Lord blesses with His strength, and you are able to get all you need to get done completed.  Notice I said "need to get done", because, my theory is, if it didn't get done, and everyone is still alive, and the house is not destroyed, it must not have needed to get done, right?  :)  I suppose this doesn't always apply, but it make me feel better anyway!

     Last week we had tent revival at our church.  This is a long-standing tradition in my life, dating back to the "dark ages" when I was a kid.  My dad started holding tent revivals with the same travelling evangelist when I was about 11 or so.  I have been to a tent meeting with them every year since then, except for the time I was away at college!  So, it is always a joy to see them again every year, and I am so glad that this tradition can be a part of my boys life now.

     The services are always wonderful, but this year had an added blessing.  On the third evening, a local pastor came and preached a message that was really a blessing.  (Shout-out to my blogging friend "Counting God's Little Blessings", as it was her father who preached the message!)  Well, First-Born decided it was time for him to ask Jesus into his heart, so he went forward that night and did so.  We are very glad about this, and hope he continues to grow in the Lord.  

     The week of tent revival makes the week of school a little more difficult.  You're dealing with tired kids, tired teachers, and busier schedules.  So, we usually give the Friday after off of school for those students who attended faithfully throughout the week.  This is always a welcome break for everyone.  Of course, I found a way to fill up the day with errands and other things that had to be done!  

     Saturday was also somewhat busy, but in a fun way.  My sister is due to have her baby at the end of November, so she had her baby shower on Saturday.  She is having a girl, so it was fun to pick out some cute girl things for her!  It is amazing how much more things there are in the stores for little girls than there are for little boys!  It's like manufacturers think that little boys need less clothes or are less loved by their parents!  :)  My sister received so many things that her baby will be able to change clothes every five minutes until she is a year old and never have to wear the same outfit twice!  They live in a fairly small trailer, and we joked that they would have to buy another house just to put all their baby stuff in!  :)

     Sunday is always a busy day for us, but this Sunday was even more busy because we had a Scouting activity to go to in the afternoon.  So, Mommy packed a picnic lunch to eat in the van, and off to the zoo we went!  The boys had a great time, and we got to see the five very cute baby lion cubs that were born a couple of months ago!  

    To top off all that activity, I am now officially running the school "solo!"  My sister, who has been the principal up to this point, has now left for maternity leave, so I am the main teacher in the school now.  Hubby is there two day a week to help out.  Today was the first day for the new arrangement, and it went well, I think.  The students may have a different story, as they are used to having two teachers at their beck and call!  This will be an exercise in patience for them and for me!  

     Well, that about wraps up what we've been up to since the last post.  Also, my five minutes is up, the microwave is beeping, and the washing machine has must be time to get back to work!  :)

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