Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

     So, it's finally Saturday after a long week of work for everyone!  We've had an enjoyable day so far, with a little work this morning, and some visiting with family this afternoon!  Just thought I'd take a few minutes to update you on our week!

     This was the first week of school where we went until 3:00 every day, and the first week that we had P.E. for the last hour of the day.  Yours truly is the P.E. teacher, and let me just tell you...the 20 minutes of yoga I have been doing in the morning after I get up has been missing a few muscles!  I was a little sore after playing kickball (!!) with the kiddos at school, but it may have been the "claustrophobics" (one student's word for "callisthenics"!) I had them doing... 

     First-Born had his first official piano lesson this week as well.  He really enjoyed it, but it was less enjoyable when he realized he would have to practice a little more than he has been, and that it would take a little longer!  He really impressed me today though.  We had to clean up a tree that had fallen on our shed during all the rain we had here on Labor Day.  So, this morning we all got up and headed outside to work on getting it cut apart and hauled away.  Daddy was wielding the chain saw, and I was driving the tractor pulling the wagon to carry the limbs away to the brush pile. (Hee-hee, Mommy gets the easy job!) First-Born got his gloves on and started filling the big wheel-barrow with limbs, and driving it to the brush pile all by himself!  He made 5 or 6 trips down the the brush pile and back with a full wheel-barrow every time!  The best part of this was that there was not one word of complaint or whining the whole time!  Believe me...this is a marked improvement!  He will be 7 next week, and I have been telling him recently that it is time for him to act less like a baby and more like a young man.  Maybe it's sinking in... 

     Middle Biscuit is thoroughly enjoying K5 too.  He will be starting piano lessons this week, and he is looking forward to that too.  He is my more musically inclined one, and I think he will do great with them.  He is becoming more open with others too, which is good.  He has always been my "loner" child; playing for hours by himself with his Legos.  School is encouraging him to play with everyone, and do things with a group, even if he's not good at them.  He has definitely been blossoming out so far.  But he still heads right to the toy room after school to work on his latest Lego creation!  

     I guess that bring us up to Stitch.  And what else is there to say but...he's Stitch!  He's been working hard to adjust to his new life, and he's definitely always on the look-out for an extra hug or cuddle from Mommy or Daddy!  But I think he's doing fairly well, all things considered.  He enjoys going into the K5 class for the first hour of school.  He has picked up several things already, and can say parts of Psalm 100 and sing most of "Onward Christian Soldiers"!  He was thrilled to bring his Bible and help lead the pledges in the class on Wednesday!  He may be able to skip kindergarten altogether...!  

     Well, that about wraps up this "weekend wrap-up!"  It's getting to be bath time around here and tomorrow's Sunday!  Have a great Lord's Day, and remember to say a prayer for our country on Patriot day!  :)

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